Egads that’s a lot of money!


Okay, so today is payday.  Yay, right?  Not so much.  Had to take Dart to the vet to have them check his ubber icky eye issue.  Vet was super nice, gave me some meds to torture Dart with.  Then I had to pay the bill.  O. M. G.  I almost died when she told me it was $93.  I know there are folks out there who would find this not so shocking.  I, however, am poor.  Like, they should put me on t.v. and raise funds for me kind of poor.  Just kidding–about the fund raising bit, not the poor bit.  I’m definitely poor.  Anyway, $93 is way over half my paycheck (see! told you I’m poor!).  Don’t get me wrong though, Dart is worth it and such, just sucks to be parted from most of my paycheck in one swift blow.

Daily rondomosity: Who on earth came up with the recipe for peeps and cadbury eggs?  Who was the first person to check out a cow’s udders and think–dude! bet if we squeeze those things yummy stuff will come out!  How can I lose so much hair in my hairbrush everyday, and not be bald?  Was it the first of May that marked the start of toenails-must-be-painted time?  If I was an identical twin (horrifying thought, huh?), I would totally be able to see how my ass looked in different pairs of pants without having to try contorting myself to check it out in the mirror!  How does a grown woman claim her homely-ass doll is a real, live being, with thoughts and emotions and such, and not end up in the looney bin?

Well, guess I better go get ready to go to Angie’s owl party thing.  Even though, as I mentioned before, I’m poor and therefore cannot afford to purchase anything.  Siiiigh.



2 thoughts on “Egads that’s a lot of money!

  1. Tom

    I never considered that being a twin would have that as a bonus! Now I want to be a twin… except that I’d have to look at my sorry lookin self All. The. Time. Ugh… On second thought, maybe the twin thing wouldn’t be such a great thing.


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