The Perils of the Internet and Other Blatherings



Hello again from the land of mediocrity!  I apologize for failing to post yesterday.  I was being hypnotized by the evil internet.  Particularly Amazon and Etsy–they are evil tempters and must be stopped.  How’s a girl supposed to resist sites that dangle tantalizing awesomeness before her eyes?  Some of the things that occupied my time the last couple days include: zombie flip-flops, vintage 80’s toys such as nerfuls and sea wees and a speak and spell, ASL charms, zombie jewelry, hilarious tee-shirts, a child’s tee-shirt proclaiming “I rock these designer genes” that would be adorable for Chloe, a remote-controlled little zombie dude, book necklaces, a cuddly plush fat cat, zombie bedding and party supplies, book safes galore, ovarian cancer awareness stuff, etc etc etc. Seriously, these sites are dangerous!  You figure you’ll just take a gander at a couple things…the next thing you know, hours have passed and you’re deeply entrenched in pages of unnecessary yet oh-so-desirable doodads.  It’s just disgusting….and depressingly entertaining.

Daily randomosity:  If I had a wine glass stem sticking out of the bottom of my foot, I would be bellowing like a wounded moose.  If I was in a post-apocalyptic situation, and a fellow survivor happened to dislocate their shoulder or something like that, I would totally be all “you better just Mel Gibson that shit back in place yourself” because it’s just icky and I am so not touching that shit.  I think anyone dumb enough to think a tiger or a grizzly bear is their pet kinda deserves to get eaten.  It seems awfully ridiculous for people living in Australia to get all snarky when crocodiles start munching on folks there–I mean, hello!, you live in Australia-land of a zillion murderous beasties, duh.  It’s slightly disturbing how many times I have to tell spell check to add a word to its dictionary-it’s like it just doesn’t speak my language or something.  It’s really gross when a horse sweats a lot and they have the icky foamy sweat thing happening all over their sides and such-very nasty stuff.  I wish Dart’s vet visit hadn’t cost so much-I could really go for some Chinese food right now.  Image

Well, I am off to peruse Netflix now.



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