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I love to read.  I mean like, really really love to read.  I devour books as fast as I can.  Sometimes I think maybe too fast actually.  I forget so much about so many books I have read that I usually read them repeatedly just to make sure I will remember them a bit better.  There are books, however, that stay with me.  Books that become a part of me, books that I read and reread simply for the pleasure of returning to that world.  Of course, there have also been books that stayed with me because of their heinousness (Jude the Obscure practically launches to mind).  Some of my favorite books: Cell–Stephen King, The Road Home–Ellen Emerson White, A Three Dog Life–(???), The Sinking of the Eastland–Jay Bonansinga, Winterdance–Gary Paulsen, The Curse of the Narrows–Laura M. Mac Donald, Where the Heart Is–Billie Letts, The Things They Carried–Tim O’Brien, A Child Called It–Dave Peltzer, Where the Red Fern Grows–(???), Drums Along the Mohawk–(???), Jane Eyre–Bronte, Incidents In the Life of a Slave Girl–Harriet Jacobs(?), Mary Barton–Elizabeth G(?), The Weight of All Things–Sandra Benitez, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society–(???), Let’s Pretend This Never Happened–Jenny Lawson, Night–Eli Weisel, The Strain–Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro, The Rising–Brian Keene, The Corset Diaries–Katie MacAlister, The Harry Potter books, Lucifer’s Hammer–Larry Piven and (?), The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane–(???), The Things That Keep Us Here–Carla Buckly, One Second After–(???), Swan Song–Robert R. McCammon, Summer of Night–Dan Simmons, One Child–Torey L. Hayden, It–Stephen King, Lord of the Flies–Willaim G(?), etc etc etc.  I could probably go on for days, but I figure this is a pretty good list.  Maybe I will list some more on another day.

Daily randomosity: I could really rock some zombie flip-flops. What, precisely, is a peck of pickled peppers? I wonder what would happen if I dyed my hair black, decked myself out all goth-ish and started insisting people call me Misery Night. Would it be possible to make a living selling mutilated barbies online (like I saw on Etsy)? I bet my co-workers would freak out if I started arriving at work wearing a bio-hazard suit, explaining that, with the suit on, I could be around perfumes and cleaning products without nearly dying…maybe it would help if I painted it an obnoxious pink and added some bling….hmm. If it was possible to give spell check a beat down, I would be all over that shit. Why on earth would Netflix think I would want to watch the Kardashians or real life wives or what ever it is??  I hate those kinda shows and dumb ol’ Netflix keeps trying to convince me I want to watch that crap…wth??


That is all.


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