Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me, Might As Well Go Blog


It’s official–I’m a loser.  I think a grand total of 2 people have read my blog.  A whopping 2.  That’s right folks, out of all the friends, relatives, former co-workers, former classmates, etc on my Facebook, 2 people have decided to read this blog.  And I am relatively certain they’re only doing it because they are my buddies and they don’t want my feelings to be mutilated when no one reads my blog.  So they came and checked it out so I would have at least a couple views.  It’s cool though, makes it much easier to blather on like no one’s listening when pretty much no one is….and the 2 who are already know I’m bonkers so they won’t care what I say.  🙂

Daily randomosity: Here’s a fun idea!  Next time you spot some of those poor little Mormon boys heading toward your house, make yourself presentable!  Like, if you could get one of those pregnancy belly things, a bottle of Jack, some flour and some smokes, you could be awesome!  Put some flour all around your nostrils then answer the door wearing the belly thing, gulp some Jack, take a couple deep drags on a cigarette and rub your nose and sniffle a lot.  Entertaining for all parties involved!  Here’s a thought–if you encounter someone wearing excessive amounts of or body spray, you should totally be able to whip out some Febreeze and spray them within an inch of their smelly lives.  I bet it would be awesome to have a platypus as a pet….no reason really, it’d just be awesome to actually own a platypus….I’d probably name it Captain Snarkypants or Princess Pine-cone.  It’d be hilarious to try to teach it to tap dance or do ballet.  My cat probably wouldn’t approve though.


Netflix time!  Whoot Whoot!




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