A Bit Bloggy


So I had one of those moments today…the moments where I am fairly certain I am going to hell.  I was watching Before They Were Stars (aka Maurice) perform and happened to notice a very…..odd couple.  One woman was, like, Olive Oyle skinny and rather short-very bookish and mousy looking.  Her girlfriend was tall-ish and quite a bit larger….really pretty large….like very fluffy.  They were, quite possibly, the strangest couple I have ever seen.  So, I’m sitting there trying desperately not to stare and failing miserably, and a thought pops into my head.  They are going to see me staring, and they are going to assume I am staring at them because they are a lesbian couple.  Then I thought, what if they confronted me about staring at them and were all offended because they thought I was all “lesbians are bad” are something.  What could I say that wouldn’t make things worse??  “Oh no, I wasn’t staring at you because you’re lesbians!  I was staring because one of you is super skinny and the other is super not-skinny!  I’ve never seen such a bizarre couple before!  Totally not judging you folks….well, not your sexual preference anyway….admittedly, I am judging you, but totally not ’cause you’re lesbians!”  Somehow, I don’t think that would be very helpful.  I’m pretty sure I’m not a very good person.  

More later! 


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