I Want To Blog You Up


Today: I have started reading Roots–and so far it’s quite good.  I had only 1.5 asthma attacks at work tonight due to perfume (one of them, I shot outside asap and avoided the worst of it).  I accidentally killed a bottle of Mountain Dew today at work.  I let myself have a three second freak out over the icky, creepy, dried out earthworm carcass I almost stepped on in the driveway.  Sadly, what I am writing right now is not my daily randomosity, regardless of the fact that it is, in fact, rather random.  Rather, it is a summation of a day in the dreadfully boring life of yours truly.  

Daily randomosity:  F6, F1, F3, F1, F2 then F6, F2, F3, F1, F2 then F6, F3, F3, F1, F2.  I discovered I have a fairly distinct tread on my shoes…good thing I have no plans to commit a crime, it wouldn’t take the investigators long to figure out my shoe type.  Snagging great 90’s music off of YouTube is wicked fun.  It would be really cool to have the zombie cookie cutters I saw yesterday.  



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