Netflix: The Bastard Enemy Of The Blog


It really isn’t my fault.  I had every intention of blogging Monday night, and then I totally planned on blogging Tuesday afternoon, or definitely Tuesday night.  I was all ready and raring’ to blog….then Netflix happened.  Damn you Netflix!  You and all your documentaries and horror movies and such-forcing me to shirk my blog duties!  You are evil…and yet awesome….kind of like that yummy black-tie mousse cake at the Olive Garden.  Speaking of Netflix, I have a feeling my Netflix account thinks I’m a bi-polar psychopath with multiple personalities.  My list is just….bizarre.  Horror movies, cartoons, oodles of crime shows, an odd variety of tv shows, and tons of documentaries on everything from the Holocaust to bear attacks to zombies to 600 lb. people–if there is a documentary that sounds even remotely interesting, I am all over it.  In the last 24 hours I watched 2 horror movies, 2 docs about the Holocaust, a doc about moose attacks (they can be seriously scary beasties!), a doc about the 2011 tornadoes, and a doc about the tiniest girl in the world.  I hate you Netflix….and love you….siiigh.  Oh, Pintrest is evil too. 

Daily randomosity:  I’m fairly sure normal people do not think in a manner even remotely similar to mine.  Normal people see a doc about people born without arms–amazing folks who do amazing things.  A normal person watches this and thinks something like, “Wow, these people are awe-inspiring.  She can fly a plane with her feet and he plays guitar amazingly–with his feet!  Wow!”  I watch this and think, “How do they wipe their butt?  I mean, total kudos on the whole pilot/musician thing, but how do they wipe?  Unless they are contortionists, they simply can’t use their feet to accomplish that.  Seriously, how the hell do they wipe???”  I’m pretty sure these kinds of thoughts are what keeps me from being socially acceptable in most circles.  Although, now that I mentioned it, you’re wondering too, aren’t you?  You are welcome.  George Carlin was really hilarious.  I’m thinking of getting a pet rock…I would name it Barnaby Allowishus Stonep (the p is silent, of course) and find him a jaunty hat to wear.


That is all.   


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