One-click Shopping, Dental Visits And Other Tidbits


First off, whoever came up with one-click shopping should be beaten, ’cause it makes it waaaaay to easy to spend money I really can’t afford to spend…then maybe hugged, ’cause it makes it much easier to access books I want…then beaten again, ’cause that one click is totally final.  It does not matter how desperately you holler “Crap!  I didn’t mean it!  I take it back!  Damn it, I take it back!  Take the book back and give me back my money, you shady bastard one-click devil!!!” at the computer, you click it, you bought it.  And how cruel is it to dangle bazillions of books in front of someone like me?  It’s like waving a cheeseburger in the face a starving child!  I admit it, I have no will power when it comes to books.  I have gobs of them, piles and piles of zombie books, literary fiction, non-fiction, horror, classics, comedy, drama, etc. etc etc.  But it doesn’t matter that I have no room for them, if I see a book I want, I must get it if I have any money.  If I start a series, I must get them all.  If is awesome enough, I’ve even been known to buy another copy, just so I have a lender copy.  It’s quite despicable really.  I should totally be ashamed of myself…I’m not, but I should be.  On a happy note, I got bunches of new books on my Nook and only spent, like, $6 or something like that!

So I finally have dental insurance, more or less.  It’s state insurance for the uber poor folks like myself.  Most folks loathe going to the dentist-not me.  As soon as I found out I would be getting this coverage, I was calling to make an appointment.  I was so psyched, it was probably rather pathetic to witness.  But when you have a mouth full of broken teeth and cavities, the very idea of getting them fixed sounds heavenly.  And for once, my dentist people rock!  Not only are they amusing, but they appreciate my unique whackiness and find me somewhat entertaining!  Screw you spell check, whackiness is totally a word.  Here I am, all having a my-life-is-currently-less-sucky-so-yaaaay moment, and spell check has to go and ruin it by being and judgy and stupid.  Well, forget you spell check!  Anyhow, back to the dentist bit.  So I went in for a cleaning today and ended up staying to have one of my broken teeth fixed, which totally rocked.  Admittedly, it hurt.  Kind of a lot.  But, I figured it would actually be worse, so yay for that!  And my super cool new dentist folks actually seemed to notice and be concerned when my flailing and wincing and such indicated that something was painful!  Weird right??  Usually dentist folks are too busy being all preachy at me for not going to the dentist more or drinking Mountain Dew or whatever to really give a rat’s ass that I am attempting to slither out of the chair to get away from whatever painful thing they are doing.  And seriously, do those idiots think I WANT my teeth to be like this??  Like, maybe I’m secretly into toothaches and such?  I’m poor for craps sake!  If I could afford dental care, I would obviously have fixed this shit asap since it, ya know, hurts.  Duh!  So, in summary, my new dentists folks are cooler than yours!  Neener neener!

Daily randomosity:  I have decided my cat is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I have been hollering at him for years to cover his poo with litter like normal cats do.  Instead, he covers his pee and leaves the rauchy, rank, horrendously stinky poo uncovered–spreading its toxic nastiness throughout the room.  Well, I figured out something rather depressing a few days ago.  I never noticed it before because, until now, his litter box always had a lid, but his newest one does not.  Well, apparently, my oh-so-brilliant cat is a bit…confused.  It turns out that he buries the poo after all.  Sadly, he buries it BEFORE he poos.  All I could think was, “Holy crap on a cracker!  My cat is a bonehead!”  Actually, I called him retarded but it makes folks all snarky when I say that and it isn’t a nice word and I’m trying not to use it anymore even though I never ever use it in regards to mentally disabled people.  I usually don’t even use it in reference to people period, except maybe myself sometimes, but since I don’t really give a shit what I think, I just ignore myself.  But I am trying to use it less even when referring to non-human, and often inanimate, objects and such.  It’s not like I’m a bad person just ’cause I slip up now and then and use the dreaded R-word.  I swear I am not, like, douchey or anything! DO NOT JUDGE ME!  I didn’t even have to admit that I used it!  I totally did that to be all honest and stuff, so cram it all you judgy meanies!  I totally want to become a freelance editor–how awesome would that be?!?  I saw some book reviews done be people who had the title “Freelance Editor” and totally thought, “I should totally be one of those!”  I really think I could dispose of a body with relative ease thanks to all the nifty crime shows I watch–oh, there’s another freelance job I could do!  Freelance Body Disposal!  Score!  The movie The Impossible is ah-may-zing!  Total tear-jerker, but soooooo good and has an as-happy-as-possible-given-that-it-involves-a-natural-disaster-that-killed-over-200-thousand-people ending.  Seriously though, it was amazingly good.  I miss new episodes of The Walking Dead.  Three random things I still have from my childhood–my koala bear Quickie, a broken teddy bear barrette, and my first Cabbage Patch Kid Darcy Marilyn.  Worst car I ever had–the hoopty piece of jalopy shit, a 1978 Pontiac Catalina with its hood that had to be tied down so it wouldn’t fly up, an A.M. radio, and serious oil issues.




2 thoughts on “One-click Shopping, Dental Visits And Other Tidbits

  1. Tom

    I’m so tempted to call your dentist and, just so they understand your aversion to all things toothy, just SHOW you pictures of severe dental problems. It’s mainly to help them and you. I can’t help it. I’m a giver.


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