How Much Is That Bloggy In The Window


Okay, so I am fairly sure Mother Nature has lost her damn mind.  Shorts weather one day, coat weather the next.  WTH?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking forward to summer at all-it does reach temperatures similar to the surface of the sun in our building at work if it’s even remotely hot outside.  It’s just that I really hate this bipolar weather crap.  Wrecks havoc on my allergies and such.  Just plain annoying really.  Speaking of annoying, what the hell is up with adding rain to the whole cold thing?  Like it’s not bad enough that it’s cold, gotta have rain too…and icky nasty earth worms show up everywhere.  I really don’t like worms…they’re just creepy.  

I have noticed yet another glaring difference between myself and “normal” folks–particularly females.  While I was perusing Pinterest, I noticed that my pins and boards are vastly different from that of my female friends and relatives.  They have stuff like craft ideas and recipes and household tips…I have abandon buildings and hilarious pics and book pics and such.  No cutesy little cupcake designs, no home-made party favors–nothing like that at all.  And I sure as hell don’t have pics of wedding dresses or bouquets or any of that crap.  I suppose I’m just a weirdo…or maybe I’m just cooler than most people.  Lol 🙂

Daily randomosity:  I once had a little stretchy lizard toy.  I was working in a call center type place and I kept it on my desk, and while I was on a call, I would spin him around and around by his tail.  I named him Igor and spun that poor little lizard about a thousand time a day.  Then one day, I was spinning him and the next thing I know, I’m holding a lizard-less tail.  Well, I scooped up poor little Igor and performed emergency tail re-connection surgery by using a semi-straightened paper-clip.  His tail is a bit awkward looking and his spinning days are over, but he has retired to the shelf on my wall and appears quite content with his new life.  Here’s a handy tip for you: if you have sea monkeys and you are leaving to go on vacation for a week, do NOT assume that you can give them a weeks worth of food, all at once, before you leave.  It doesn’t end well.  I have a scar on my finger from a very traumatizing incident with a hamster…don’t suppose many folks can say that.  My dear friend Caron once tried to strangle me with my own shirt, simply because she heard the ice cream truck before me–she grabbed me by the collar and smooshed me against the window screen while yelling, “I’m telling you, I can hear it!  Listen!  Do you hear it?  Do you??”  Of course, she also pushed me into a glass window once.  I have a friend I have dubbed Nessa Bessa Boodle Chicken Noodle (Noodle for short), and she is married to my buddy, whom I call the Bitter Little Bald Man…they amuse me endlessly.  The game Cards Against Humanity is hilariously awesome!  I was born with a tooth and still have one of my baby teeth–just a random weird fact for you.


Asta La Pasta!


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