Dance Recitals, Nieces And Nephews, Old Friends And Other Ramblings


Well, I actually went somewhere besides work today.  That’s right folks!  I left the house and I wasn’t working or doing absolutely necessary shopping!  I am awesome!  But I digress.  So, today I went to watch my little niece Dany in her very first dance recital.  Now, I may have mentioned, I have a bit of an aversion to…well…everything pertaining to being social.  However, I am an awesome aunt, if I do say so myself–and I just did.  I have dealt with mucousy barf, icky wood ticks, cuts, tantrums, and lots of other unpleasant things in my persuit of awesome aunt status.  I drove 6.5 hours to watch dance recitals and plays that my eldest niece was in without hesitation.  I have sung silly songs loudly (complete with the all-important actions!) whilst in public places to appease nieces and nephews alike.  So, obviously, I did not hesitate to take the day off work and arrange transportation to make sure I would be there for Dany.  And it was far more awesome than I had hoped.  I mean, I figured Dany would be awesome of course, I just wasn’t really looking forward to watching a bunch of random rugrats dancing while I waited for Dany’s turn.  It was hilarious though!  The super serious little dancers and the clueless little dancers and, my personal favorite, the don’t-care-what-I’m-supposed-to-do-I’m-just-gonna-twirl-and-wave-at-people-and-twirl-some-more-and-make-up-some-moves-then-wave-some-more little dancers.  I was cracking up nearly the whole time.  Of course, it was also fun to have a delightfully snarky little verbal-assassination session with Caron!  And don’t worry, we weren’t being, like, super evil about the little ones or anything.  I did come to the conclusion though, that dance teachers really need to think about the various sizes of dancers–not all dancers are super tiny little twig children.  And for the love of all that is holy, never ever put the girl whose costume is glaringly to small for her front and center.  That poor child looked like she was being attacked by a boa constrictor–that outfit was waaaaay too tight for her.  But damn that girl could dance!  Also, some costumes look down right ludicrous on anyone over the age of 8…do not put these cutesy, oh-so-adorable things on tweens or teens…ever.  I also decided that the kids placed as far back as possible were placed there because…well…they sucked.  Mind you, this is mainly in the older groups, since in the little kid groups they are all pretty much equally clueless…but so stinking cute!  Overall, the whole recital was fun, but the best part was Dany-do of course.  I loved how happy she got when she was given so many flowers she couldn’t even hold them all!  She was so proud!

After the dance recital, I went over to visit my old buddy Damon.  As an added bonus, I also got to see my nephew and his chick-e boo!  After I hung out with them for a bit, I got to visit with Stacey and Midge!  It just kills me how old my nieces and nephews are getting!  I remember making fun of my mom’s friends and my older family members when they said that about me.  I understand that now.  It’s strange to look at my nephew, with his tattoos and facial hair and piercings and such, and remember the day his mom found out she was pregnant with him.  It’s trippy to talk to my niece about her first year of college coming to and end when I clearly remember waiting so impatiently for her to hurry up and be born.  It’s surreal to see my second eldest niece becoming so grown up, yet it seems like only days ago I was reading her bedtime stories and letting her eat spaghetti with her fingers.  I miss them being little, yet I love the people they have become.  I love that the boys still think I’m awesome and still laugh when I say “booger-picker-flicker”.  I love that they will probably always remember at least one moment we shared as a good memory.  And I’m forever grateful that I have friends who allowed me to be an aunt to these wonderful, amazing kids that I couldn’t imagine life without.  I’m also grateful that my brother and Carrie have always made me a part of my beautiful nieces lives, regardless of distance.  

Well, enough of that mushy namby-pamby stuff, right?

Daily randomosity:  I’m relatively sure I have officially slid into the “old” category.  I figure you’re shipped there when you look at teenagers and say, “I had a shirt just like that when I was their age!”  This makes you old on two levels.  The first level is reached when you actually utilize the term “when I was their age”–this simply screams old.  The second level is reached when you see the fashions of your youth coming back into style…this is the equivalent of your youth’s death knell.  Did you know there are people, outside of movies, who actually do the whole “ravers” clothing thing?  I saw two girls wearing stuff I wouldn’t wear in public unless it was Halloween…and I was intoxicated…very intoxicated…and maybe recovering from a head injury…but probably not even then.  My new phrase of the week–“just leave me here…”, to be said seriously, slightly weakly, and with a touch of the dramatic.  Tongue piercings are dangerous–just say no!




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