The Mystery Of The Disappearing Blog


I have officially tried to blog three times tonight, and three times it has dis-a-frickin’-peared.  I am giving up for the night folks.  The internet obviously hates me.  And I had some great stories about a dude who electrocuted his face off and a guy that lost a fight with a sign and a modeling agency for ugly folks and the death-trap they call Australia and whackos who keep creepy crawly critters in their house and how my jammie pants tried to murder me and how gummy stuff is nasty and all sortsa other stuff.  But noooooo, the stupid internet ate my blogs.  So you’ll just have to wait and see what interesting crap I can come up with to write about tomorrow.  Feel free to rant and rave at the internet as you see fit, since it did deprive you of my awe-inspiring wittiness for the day.  And my jammie pants really did try to murder me.  And the dude with his face all electrocuted off is now wearing some dead guy’s face, which I find just plain freaky as hell.  I mean, every time I think about touching someone else’s bodily fluid it makes me get all wiggy and spazzed out and such, so wearing some dead person’s face–not frickin’ happening…ever.  But (disclaimer!) I am very happy for the dude who formerly had no face and now has a face and it doesn’t even ick him out that it’s some dead dude’s face he’s wearing and I hope he lives happily ever after and such.  Really.  Seriously.  Just ’cause I find the whole idea insanely icky nasty gross, doesn’t mean I can’t be happy for mr, got-a-new-used-face guy.  Don’t judge me!


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