As The Blog Turns


Hopefully, tonight’s blog will behave itself and not pull a disappearing act like last nights blog.  So, on to the blogging.  Okay, my day in a nutshell: swung by Wal-mart on the way to work, saw Aunt Margie and gave her the mother’s day gift I had for her, went to work, had 2 perfume-induced asthma tantrums (I have decided to call them asthma tantrums rather than asthma attacks, since that’s basically the more accurate term to describe these stupid incidents.  I smell perfume, my asthma throws a tantrum.), did work stuff, came home.  Exciting, right?  That’s me…exciting as hell.  Just wild and crazy.  Yep.  And tomorrow will be just as thrilling!

Holy crap on a cracker!  I’m watching a show that shows the tallest family in Britain.  The shortest family member is the 11 year old girl, who is 5’9″.  So, with her ad her parents and the 3 teenage boys, they go through almost $1000 a week in groceries!  Jumpin’ jahosifat!  I don’t go through that much in, like, 4 months!  I’m sure glad I’m only kinda tall-ish.  Sometimes being 5’9″ is a pain–finding a cute chic shirt is nearly impossible ’cause the arms are too short and the shirts are never long enough.  But it is nice to be able to reach stuff that most of my friends can’t.  This show makes me glad that I’m not, like, super tall though.  Being able to reach the top shelf is nice, whacking your head on doorways and such isn’t so nice.

Daily randomosity:  So I have to dress up for the wedding next week–yuck.  At least I don’t have to wear a dress, I got permission to wear dress pants and a nice shirt.  It will probably take me until the day I leave to figure out what to wear.  It’s awfully hard to decide what will look best when you think everything looks bad.  And then I have to figure out which shoes to wear with whatever outfit I end up choosing.  Argh!  The whole thing makes my head hurt already.  I’m still creeped out about the guy from that show last night, the one who ended up wearing some dead guys face after he electrocuted his own face off.  Like, seriously, the idea of wearing someone else’s face is just not okay.  I don’t care what they do to the dead person’s face, there is no amount of sterilizing or whatever that would make me be copacetic with having someone’s icky face germs getting all over me.  Think of the amount of nasty stranger face-juice you’d be exposed to!  *Shudder*  Just yick.  I really wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow.  Wow, the lady in this episode of Dates from Hell has exceedingly large teeth…every time she smiles, I feel a little afraid.  And she smiles a lot.  Which is kind of weird since she’s telling the story of her really bad date or whatever, and it most likely won’t end well, seeing as how this whole show is about horrible things happening to people in relationships or on dates or whatever.  My ex would fit in with the psychos on this show just a little too well.  A tad disconcerting, that.  Hmm, she’s not smiling so much now,,,she must be coming up to the ugly incident, whatever it is.  It’s probably wrong, but I’m rather glad she’s getting to the bad part of the story, ’cause her smile is down right disturbing really.  Interesting…it appears the incident was a very nasty scissor attack.  It would be most unpleasant to be stabbed a bunch of times with a pair of big old metal scissors.  She probably had a whole mess of surgeries on her face after a thing like that.  So now I feel a mite guilty about commenting on her frightening smile.  But it really is a bit unnerving.  Damn it all, now she’s crying and I feel really bad for being all judgy and mean and such about her smile.  Oh now that is just nasty!  Apparently the dude that scissor-stabbed this chic attacked another chic, like, 20 some years later, and that time, he attacked the chic with his teeth.  HE BIT HER FACE!!!!!  She broke up with him so he bit her face!  Seriously?!?!?  WTF??  Ewewewewewewewew!  I wish I had a baby hedgehog.  I would like a baby orangutan, but they get awful big and such.  Hedgehogs don’t get very big, so they would be a better choice really.


Night all!


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