Prepare for snarkiness.  I’m hungry because they fixed some teeth today and I’m supposed to wait until tomorrow night to eat any food requiring chewing and damn it, I want real food.  And while I’m sitting here all snarked off about being hungry, I’m watching a show about these folks with extreme critter phobias going through this exposure therapy thing.  Hell to the no.  Just sayin’.  I’m terrified by lots of critters, and I’m well aware that my fears are illogical.  I do not give a rat’s bahookey.  The thought of someone making me touch leeches or ticks or bats or spiders or worms or slugs or snakes or any of the other creepy critters I despise makes me queasy.  No way in hell would I let anyone convince me that touching any of these things will somehow make them less scary.  And I’m telling you right now, if this therapy lady tried to stick a leech on me, I would knock her ass out.  Seriously, I’m perfectly okay with being a big ol’ chickenshit.  Like, really okay with it.  Especially if you have to touch them to get over the fear.  Not. Gonna. Happen.  Ever.  

Daily randomosity:  I don’t like chickens either, ’cause I just know they want to eat my face off.  But, they don’t freak me out the way the other things do.  Sure, they make me all shrieky and squirmy and such, but nothing like the complete freak-out response I have to the other things.  Two days of work to get through, and then I get to see my nieces!  So excited!  One of the teeth they (kind of) fixed today is sorta freaking me out.  They put a temporary filling in the sad remains of my poor baby tooth to make it less sensitive until I can get it really fixed, which involves pulling the baby tooth and giving my a fake tooth.  But it feels like it’s not very sturdy, so now I’m all paranoid that the temp filling’s going to fall out and then my tooth will really hurt since it got messed with so much.  Siiiigh.  How weird would it be to not be able to recognize your own face?  There’s a brain problem in some folks that makes it so they cannot recognize faces.  One lady almost took the wrong kid home from daycare because she just could not tell which kid was hers.  And there is a brain blip in some folks they call Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, where things appear distort and unreal.  Bizarre.  




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