How The Blog Crumbles


My blog had 32 views yesterday!!!!!!!  Whoot Whoot!  *Ridiculously ecstatic goofy happy dance*  

So, work was okay today.  I hate running the register with an all-consuming passion.  I did manage to squash 2 asthma tantrums tonight though.  I think I may have hurt a customers feelings in doing so, but darn it, I’m sick of these stupid asthma tantrums!  The two women who came through my line wearing perfume were, thankfully, not wearing gallons of it.  So when I got that first faint whiff, I stepped as far away from them as I could while still being able to wait on them.  Again, it probably seemed rude to them, but at least I didn’t start doing my lovely barking cough asthma tantrum thing at them.  And my baby tooth was hurting off and on all night.  And it was, as usual, hot as hell in the building.  And we were busy.  And there were people being…people.  I have to do register again tomorrow and then I am off Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then I have to do register again on Monday.  And then one other day next week too!  GRRRRRRR!!!!  I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it!!  

Daily randomosity:  There is actually a Nook book that is Duck Dynasty versus zombies–that might be the actual title even.  It almost made me weep.  Who on earth thought that crap combo up?  Unless the zombies eat the duck dudes, than it would be awesome!  I would totally buy it if the duck dweebs got devoured!  Hmm…might have to check into that.  I doubt that’s what happens in it, but a girl can dream, right?  You know, now that I think about it, there are quite a few shows I would watch if they threw some zombies into the mix.  Like, how entertaining would the bachelor/bachelorette shows be if they all had to find love while trying to survive a zombie apocalypse?  Or what if those shows with a bunch of folks forced to live in one house together had to deal with a zombie loose somewhere in the house?  I bet the folks on the hoarder shows would fair well in a zombie apocalypse, seeing as how the zombies couldn’t navigate the obstacle-course-like messes.  It cracks me up how my cat has to be, like, right next to me to sleep.  If I move, within a minute or so, so does Dart.  I got a new beach towel tonight–my co-worker saw it and said she knew I would love it.  It’s covered with minions!  It is sooooo cute!  Thanx Ashley!  In less than 48 hours I will see my nieces and my sis!  Wish I would get to see my big brother too, but he’s all miffed at me, so I won’t get to see him at all while I’m there.  The house I grew up in is for sale…can’t decide if I wish I could own it, or if it would actually be horrible to live there again.  On one hand, I love that house because it is so firmly attached to many of my happy childhood memories, on the other hand, some of my worst memories are also tied to that house.  Maybe I would like to own it, but not actually live there?  Guess it doesn’t matter, since I’m poor as hell and couldn’t buy it anyway lol.  Ooh!  American Ninja Warrior with zombies stashed periodically throughout the obstacle course!!  The shows pretty neat already, zombies would make it awesome!  

See ya!   


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