The Blog And The Beautiful


Well folks, I am officially in niece territory!  Tom and I got here last night, after a nice looooooooong car ride.  It was fun though, since both Tom and I are marathon talkers and all.  It was awesome–when Chloe saw me at the door, she let out this super-happy squeal and, like flew towards me yelling, “Tantie!!”  So then we listened to some music and she pretty much beat me up ’cause she was so excited to see me she just didn’t know what to do with herself.  And, at dinner, she scooted her chair up against mine and said, “I sit next to Tantie”, all bossy and such.  She cracks me up.  Oh!  And last night, I got a new line I find totally amusing–“You just look homeless”!  From now on, whenever someone asks me how they look, I’m just going to tell them, “You just look homeless”, I cannot wait!  Today should be fun.  Elise got here this morning, Chloe will be back from my brother’s house soon, then this afternoon, Tom and I will get checked into the hotel and such and then hang out with the kiddos tonight.  Then tomorrow, we get to drive an hour, then check into another hotel, then go to the wedding and whatever else happens after a wedding.  Then brunch with everyone Sunday, then home.  Poor Tom, I’m fairly certain I am stretching the limits of the friendship agreement bit.  He uses his car to drive me 6.5 hours to see my nieces and the sis and attend the sis’s wedding (co-starring the nieces!), and hang out with people he doesn’t know or barely knows, then drive me another 6.5 hours home again.  Poor lad.  I am eternally grateful for his awesomeness and my Noodle’s awesomeness for loaning him out for the weekend…hmm…that didn’t come out quite right…not really sure how to salvage that comment.  Let’s just pretend I worded it in a less inappropriate way, okay?  Okay.

Daily randomosity:  Memorable roadkill during drive here:1 deer, 1 raccoon, 2 possums, 1 bunny and 3 unidentifiable yuck splats.  Tom is being a total nerd-face…maybe that’s why Noodle is willing to part with him from time to time.  Now that I’m spending time with my dear bitter buddy, I am beginning to have rather huge amounts of sympathy for Noodle.  It seems so weird to think about the fact that I was actually asleep before 1am!  And I woke up at, like, 8AM!!  So bizarre.



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