When Did Turkey Hot Dogs Become Broke Food?


When I am broke, which is pretty much constantly, I seek out broke food.  I purchase things like generic mac and cheese and generic soup and some cheap tuna or something.  Never have I gone shopping for broke food and stumbled upon turkey hot dogs at bargain prices.  In fact, I’m relatively certain that turkey hot dogs land pretty solidly in the not-all-that-broke-food category.  The big old bags of generic cereal?  Totally broke food.  Banquet t.v. dinners?  Yeah, completely broke food.  Turkey dogs?  Not so much.

So, today was another day in house-arrest hell.  Spent the day making wish lists on Amazon, checking out interesting shopping sites I totally cannot afford to shop from, reading some eBooks, watching some dvr stuff, and doing some small-scale puttering around my room.  Omg, I’m pretty sure the little chicken little singer guy from American Idol is in the new Transformers movie.  I can’t remember what season he was in or what his name was, I just remember they called him chicken little and he had, like, a lisp or something.  Ha!  Totally Googled him!  His name is Kevin Covais and he totally is in the new Transformers movie!  I’m watching the last America’s Got Talent show and I’m rather worried about the young chick getting ready to perform.  Not sure if she’s going to puke or pass out or what, but she isn’t looking so hot.  Oh, well, apparently she has anxiety and depression and such so it’s pretty impressive that she’s on that stage, regardless of the fact that she looks a tad ill.  I totally could not do that…get up in front of that many people, I mean.  I’ve been told by several people I should become a stand-up comedian (obviously, these were very easily amused, slightly twisted folks).  Yeah, that is so never gonna happen.  The idea of being in front of an audience of any size makes me feel panicky and queasy and just overall not warm and fuzzy.   

Daily randomosity:  Wow, a curved, ultra high definition t.v.  Very fancy and all, but I haven’t even owned an HD t.v. yet.  No flat screen, no sleek nifty fancy t.v., no blu-ray player–hell, I just got my very first laptop this year!  My iPod and Nook are, like, waaaaaay old-school, back-in-the-day models.  Holy crap on a cracker!  The lady on t.v. just got her cats to do tricks!  WTF?!?!?  I can’t even convince my cat to cover his own poop!  I bet a tea-cup pig would be an adorable pet.  And I still want a little bitty hedgehog, too.  This show may be cheesy, but I’m always amazed by the stuff people can do…and by the stuff people absolutely can’t do but think they can.  I wonder if anyone gets beat up at Comicon?  Because, I’m fairly sure I would end up being the first person to ever get an ass-kicking there.  See, the problem is that I am not the “right kind” of nerd.  No weirdo costumes or screamy-fan moments over comic book people, in fact, I don’t read comic books…ever.  And, honestly, I’d probably do a lot of pointing and laughing at people.  It’s not like I’m a complete asshole or anything, but I laugh at my guy friends who are into that stuff all the time because they take it all VERY seriously and that amuses the crap out of me.  Plus, I am really terrible at keeping all the super-geek stuff straight–Star Trek and Star Wars and all the comic book characters, it all becomes kind of mushed up together in my brain.  Zombies are way cooler.  Argh!  There he goes again!  My genius cat, covering his poop BEFORE he poops, which, in case you’re wondering, does not work!!  I’m pretty sure that, if I ever had kids, I’d probably end up forgetting them somewhere.

Over and out! 


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