Bloggy And I Know It


Ah, the end of yet another thrilling day in the life of me.  Okay, that was a huge lie.  I did pretty much nothing again today since I once again pretty much fizzled out after 3 hours or so.  I went to, like, 5 garage sales, visited with my cousin for a bit at the last one, then came home ’cause I was starting to hack my lungs up and such.  Did a breathing treatment when I got home, then basically passed out for an hour or so.  That’s it.  That was my day.  Yippee.  I am a bit concerned about returning to work tomorrow.  I still feel totally not dandy and I’m not really sure how I’ll do tomorrow.  I know I am going to work, for sure.  What concerns me is that I know myself, and I know I will stubbornly try to stick it out no matter how bad I feel.  I’m also worried about talking to my boss about this whole crappy situation.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna end up demoted or, at the very least, having my hours largely eliminated.  I get so sick of this crap happening–I want to work, I need to work, but my body just sabotages me without fail.  And the really sucky thing this time, is that I’ve never dealt with my asthma being this stupid.  Sure, it always went berserk when I got really sick or if I worked too many hours.  But it never just went psycho like this before.  I’m having all these issues and I’m not even sick for crap’s sake!  And I’m taking that god-awful Prednisone, just like they told me to.  I’ve been taking it easy and doing regular breathing treatments, like they told me to.  I’ve got an appointment scheduled with a lung doctor next month ’cause my doctor doesn’t know what else to do.  And I still feel shitty.  This sucks.  Asthma is an asshole.

Daily randomosity:  I saw the weirdest commercial tonight.  It was for some car and it showed a dog running, trailing its leash, with an arm hanging on to it.  Then it shows a man chasing the dog, missing an arm.  This same scene is shown a few times, then a message pops up that this car is now available in automatic–no right arm required.  Um…wth?  I think I’m going to save up and get a Kindle, since my stupid RCA tablet is a piece of crap that I have to send into the company to have them replace or fix it and will probably just stop working again, and I find reading my Kindle books on my phone or my laptop kind of a pain.  Someone better take me to that Zombie Burger place, otherwise I will be sure no one really loves me.  I can’t wait to watch my new movie Monday!  My awesome cuz sold it to me for, like, $2.50 today!  It’s The Conjuring, which I’ve wanted to see for ages and ages!  Why do people like putting dead animal heads all over their house?  I mean, I could see having cute little posed critters wearing adorable little costumes or something, but just plain old dead heads staring at ya?  Yuck.  Spell check is stupid–it doesn’t even recognize the word Pulminologist.  And that is totally a word, damn it.  I have 2 clocks in my bedroom, and no logical reason for this.  Why the hell would anyone eat veal tongue???  Don’t they know what that is??  How could they eat a baby cow’s tongue?!?!?  The tongue of a baby cow for cryin’ out loud!!!  No frickin’ thank you.  Why would anyone try to claim they were not smoking marijuana when the cop opens the driver’s door, and pot smoke billow’s out?  I mean, I know they’re high, but COME ON folks!  At that point, denying it is just stupid.  The cop’s standing there, staring in amused shock at the cloud of smoke, and you think anyone’s going to believe your declaration of innocence?  Not likely dude.  I could totally rock some zombie slippers.  It’s probably a good thing they don’t make light-up shoes in my size…I’d be running into stuff constantly, since I’d be staring in mesmerized awe at the awesomeness that would be my shoes.  Pickle juice popsicles–that is just nasty.  I wonder how I would look in a hot pink partial-pigtails wig?  Why do some women shave their eyebrows, then draw some on in the place of the real ones?  Not only could I not create edible food with most of the stuff they use on Chopped, I couldn’t even tell you what most of it is–marscapone, fish oil, aoli, etc.  I truly have no idea what the hell that stuff is.



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