Holy Crap On A Cracker!!


I had 41 views on my blog today!!!  41!!!!  WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT!  *Doing a ridiculous little happy dance*  Woohoo!  

Eh hem.  Okay.  Sorry about that.  Got a little carried away.  So anyway, went to work tonight, and I didn’t even die or anything!  I did have a bunch of moments that kinda sucked, but I made it.  Every time I got super lightheaded and almost passed out, I just stopped what I was doing and let it pass.  And I pointedly ignored the wobbly weak feeling I had all night, like, totally gave it the silent treatment.  So there.  Admittedly, I had to do a treatment as soon as I got home, but I was able to get by with a treatment before work and then just using my inhaler throughout my shift.  So, yay for going back to work and not dying!

Did I mention I had 41 views today?

Daily randomosity:  While I was off work, we got in these little stuffed monster toy things that are just freaking adorable.  They make these weird little happy, chirpy noises and one of them is pink and white zebra striped.  So I put him in the office, put a little pink bling lanyard on him, and deemed him our mascot.  I think I shall call him Pinkerton.  Pinkerton Pepperkorn.  I wonder how I’d look with my hair in a bunch of braids?  How did they come up with the name tulip for tulips?  I really, really, really, really want to get a Kindle.  Not a fancy Kindle Fire or anything like that, just a nice, inexpensive, basic Kindle.  Sadly, I think the only person I would hurt if I ever attempted karate, would be me.  Neck tattoos are kind of tacky for the most part.  You know what freaks me out?  Like, as far as horror movies or books or whatever, I mean.  Killer dolls or toys and creepy kids and, of course, clowns.  Oh, and ventriloquist dummies.  Creep me right out.  I almost ran my poor lil’ pal Caron over trying to escape a creepy clown at one of those haunted thingies they have around Halloween.  Damn thing heard me say I hate clowns and then snuck up behind me and scared the crap out of me.  He totally cheated, if you ask me.  That evil bastard CRAWLED ON THE FLOOR AFTER ME!  When I looked back and saw him, I let out a shriek and damn near mowed poor Caron down in my desperation to escape.  Fuckin’ clowns.  Ooh!  Old school Looney Tunes is on!  I hate the new Looney Tunes shows–they are so not as cool as the original!  I wonder if my aversion to most things domestic, including cooking, stems from the fact that I never had an Easy Bake Oven when I was a kid.  Hehehe…old school Looney Tunes is hilarious…and very un-p.c.  They just showed Elmer Fudd attacking a poor little ant colony with firecrackers and laughing manically while trying to blow them up.  But the ants declared war on him (complete with little ant draft notices!) and are probably going to kick his ass and such.  Old school is awesome.



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