On Monday When It Hails And Blows…


Well, my life may be decidedly boring, but at least the weather forces a little excitement into my existence.  Not much mind you, but some.  We had bunches of rain and strong winds and thunder and lightning and hail and watches and warnings and such this afternoon and tonight.  My cat is really, really, really not a fan of storms–one loud clap of thunder and he’s diving under the bed.  I, myself, like storms just fine…as long as they don’t endanger my stuff in any way.  See, I have a bit of an issue when it comes to something happening to my stuff.  It’s not that I’m all “Not my t.v.!  My poor DVDs!” or whatever, I only worry about the things I cannot replace.  Things my mother gave me, family pictures, gifts from friends and family–things like that.  Those are the things I get a bit panicky about…okay, maybe a lot panicky.  I know, logically, that these are just things and that I would survive if I didn’t have them.  Unfortunately, in the world of me, logic means jack shit.  So, whatever, right?  Siiiiigh.

I actually accomplished something today!  I arranged my books and cleaned off my desky thing and went through my jeans and hung up my minions towel and went through my go-bag (yes, I have a go-bag.  No, this should not surprise you.  I worry about things like disasters and such and a girl should be prepared, darn it.  Don’t judge me!) and put up the super nifty tin zombie sign thingy my Aunt Margie got me (she rocks!) and called my attorney (shocker-he wasn’t in the office) and played some games on my laptop and messed with my iTunes!  Okay, so actually, most of that wasn’t super accomplishment-like, and most of it was completely unplanned.  It never fails, I think to myself, “Self, those books totally need to be moved” and then I start to move them.  But then, while I’m moving them, I notice books in another place, so then I have to move those too.  And then I decide my photo albums should go over by my books, which messes up the desk, which I then have to rearrange entirely, and while doing that, I notice the box of thumb tacks, which makes me remember that I wanted to hang up a few things, which I then have to unearth from the newly reorganized desk.  And then I discover my pile of jeans will fit in this certain spot, but not my capris, so then I have to figure out where to put those, and while I am making room for them, I have to find a new home for the stuff that was there, which leads to more rearranging and more discoveries of things that need a need home.  It’s a viscous cycle, really.  And one of the main reasons all my little projects become a huge pain in the ass.

Daily randomosity:  Krystal–perhaps in sign language?  I’m pretty sure minions are just about the most adorable things ever.  I wish I had minions…although, I guess I kind of have my own version.  Well, maybe they’re more like partners in crime.  I wish it was October already.  I saw the most pathetically bad episode of The Twilight Zone ever created, I hope so anyway.  I always found them to be hokey, yet fairly well-conceived…right up until last night.  Dear god, it was atrocious.  It was called “The Fear” and it was so awful, it made me cry…because I was laughing so hard at the unforgivably bad acting and story-line.  Seriously, look the episode up on YouTube or somewhere.  You have to see it to understand just how awful it was.  Plus, it’s good for a laugh!  Well crap.  My laptop is going to need charged soon, but it’s storming again, so I totally do not want to plug it in and have it get all electrocuted and such.  Darn it.  It’s rather amusing to look at my little nifty stuff collection.  I have a pretty little butterfly hanging next to a zombie truck toy and a grow-a-zombie, my shiny chicken is between my mom’s caring human bean figurine and my zombie car bobble, Stanley.  I have a cute little pink converse shoe magnet resting alongside Igor the lizard (complete with paperclip tail) and a small porcelain doll and my Lake Tahoe bobble-head bear and the little clay dude Alex made for me.  My Elise photo statues are perched among zombie collectibles and Chloe’s ducky Easter egg and my Willow Tree book angel.  It’s pure awesome-sauce.  Ronald McDonald is creepy as fuck.  I have some truly awesome songs on my iTunes, which I am jamming to while blogging.  I hope the storm ends soon so I can charge my laptop.



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