Another Day In Blogadise


So, I didn’t hear from IHW about my portable nebulizer.  Shocking, right?  So I did pretty much nothing today.  Just scoured Pinterest and Google and such for amusing pics to post on here for my delightful readers.  And I chatted with my bitter buddy for a bit, which is always entertaining, and, of course, I read a bit.  I’m quite sure I will be glad for my downtime when I am at work tomorrow night.

I watched The Conjuring last night, and it was pretty darn good.  The incident with the mom on the basement steps actually gave me a little freak-out moment.  Okay, it wasn’t, like, shriek-like-a-little-girl type of scary, but it was pleasantly creepy.  Totally glad I own it.

Daily randomosity:  My cat is really just adorable.  And awesome.  I really need to work on m book some more.  I wonder if I should post some of my poems and such on here?  Feel free to let me know your opinion on that.  Darn…I have the munchies.  Stupid Prednisone makes me hungry, like, all the time.  EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!  There was a lady on t.v. just now that wants a tattoo of her dead dog.  could be worse, right?  Yeah, she wants the tattoo ink to have some of the dead dog’s ashes in it.  Like, she wants them to mix her dog’s cremains with tattoo ink, then needle it into her skin!  What. The. Fuck.  That is just nasty.  I love my cat and all, but I would never, ever want his kitty DNA all up in my skin and such.  And those whack-a-doodle folks who have their dead pet stuffed so they can, like, pet it and pretend it’s still kinda alive-ish?  No way.  Never gonna happen.  That is just plain wrong…and creepy as fuck.  Random, shnazzily-dressed, anonymous taxidermied critters…dandy and amusing and all that.  Your beloved pet stuffed and molded into some unnaturally natural pose…never okay…like, ever.  



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