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Siiiiiiigh.  Why, oh why, do so many people seem to have such a hard time making it to work?  I mean, I totally get that shit happens (like annoying emergency room trips and sick moms/kids), but sometimes, just thinking things through just a little bit would make all the difference.  I don’t want to pick on anyone, so I will not go into details, but I am annoyed.  Think things through, folks, just think things through.  Have back up sitters, make sure you have the funds to travel to and from whatever locale you are considering visiting, have a back-up plan for rides, etc etc etc.  

So there’s this site I discovered that features truly gruesome photos of injuries and such.  I’m bizarre–these don’t gross me out at all.  Instead, they fascinate me.  The ways the human body reacts to various injuries, the things a person can survive and the things they can’t–it all amazes me.  I feel bad for people who receive traumatic/fatal injuries, and I always think of how sad it is that people can treat themselves and others so badly.  But I still cannot help being absolutely enthralled by these sorts pf pictures.  That being said, I find it absolutely appalling that there are people out there who actually derive some sort of demented pleasure out of the suffering of others or the death of innocents.  When I discovered this site, I deliberately did not read any comments from any forums or anything because I was afraid I would come across the scary bad people.  Sadly, I accidentally ended up reading a forum post thingy, thinking it was a caption for the picture.  I was absolutely floored to read that this person, and apparently others on the site, are completely whack-a-doo conspiracy theorist, ignorant, racist psychos!  So now I have this internal dilemma raging–do I freak out on these nut-jobs, or do I just consider the site a scary, off-limits, no-man’s land?  Gawd, why do people have to suck so bad?!?!

Daily randomosity:  I wonder how many people are now kinda icked out at the thought that I can peruse gory pictures of injuries and death and such, and not be even a little grossed out.  Sad, totally.  Grossed out?  Not so much.   Heard a great line today:  “What the absolute fucking fuck?”  I giggled at that one an awful lot.  I was super stoked to discover I get to work with Krystal, like, 2 times this week!  I found out today that I have to reapply for disability, which totally blows.  I applied, like, 4 years ago, when I first realized that working full-time wasn’t really a viable option.  Now I have to start all over.  Grrrrrrr.  If only I could live on part-time wages or work full-time without ending up sick as hell or work from home or something.  I’m rather excited to see that I am getting more consistent views on here–feel all, like, special and stuff.  I hate the stupid cooler at work.  I think the song The Homecoming Queen Has Got a Gun is hilariously awesome and everyone should have it.  That and Re: Your Brains, which is the best zombie song ever created.  And it’s highly amusing too.  I should really get more colorful socks instead of always wearing black or white socks.  I really think that, if a friend pushes you and your arm ends up going through a window because of aforementioned push, the friend should totally have to split the cost of the window.  Just saying.  Not naming names or anything.  It’s really just a hypothetical-type of thing really.  



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