A Selectively Social Blogger Survives Socializing


I went to a baby shower today and I TOTALLY PARTICIPATED!  I played the sock matching game and some smell nasty-looking baby food and guess the flavor game.  And I, like, totally chatted with folks and behaved all socially acceptable and such.  And I didn’t have to hold a baby or anything!  (Which is good for both me and the baby, since babies hate me and when I hold them, they cry.)  And I got to see all my cute little cousins and a bunch of my awesome grown-up (well, grown-up-ish anyway) cousins and my aunts and that nice old guy and such, which was awesome-sauce.  Aaaaaand I felt crappy the whole day.  Stupid asthma.

That’s pretty much it, that’s what I did today.  I am unbelievably exciting and adventurous.  Try to contain your envy.

Daily randomosity:  Traditional sized coffee mugs are way to small, in my humble opinion.  I mean, I really need more coffee than that to start my day.  I used to be pretty darn good at jump-roping but I would wager I’d end up busting my head open or breaking my leg or something similarly graceful.  Is jump-roping the correct terminology?  I want coffee now…damn it.  I find the prevalence of improper grammar and piss poor spelling to be rather alarming.  About half the posts I read on Facebook are just appalling.  Folks constantly use the incorrect to/too/two or they use “internet” babble or leave words out and so many other annoying idiotic crap.  Drives me bat-shit.  So, this fella on t.v. is talking about how he killed his bride on the fourth day of their honeymoon because she admitted that she had been born male but had a sex change operation.  He got all psycho and shot her because the concept that he had “been tricked” into having sex with a homosexual.  Okay, aside from the fact that he’s obviously a nut-job, it made me wonder something.  Once a person physically becomes a member of the opposite sex, are they still considered homosexual?  I’m not being judgy or anything, I am genuinely rather baffled by this.  I mean, homosexuals are attracted to people of the same sex as themselves, so if they become a different sex, wouldn’t that make them heterosexuals?  I really need a haircut and an eyebrow wax.  I hope I feel better tomorrow and that work goes okay and such.  Finished my Prednisone today!  Whoot whoot!  

Later y’all!  


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