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Today was just awesome…sorta.  I heard back from the IHW folks and they told me they would cover my portable nebulizer.  Yay, right?  Kinda.  So I get to the pharmacy place and they dig out the portable nebulizer and one lady starts showing me how to work everything.  The other chick, who I have dubbed snarky-britches, starts grumbling that I am not covered by my insurance-thingy.  I reassured her I am and that they had called me less than 2 hours before to let me know I could go get a portable nebulizer.  She looked at me like I was the biggest lying liar-face ever and said that even if I am covered, they don’t cover portable nebulizers.  I, once again, explained to her that I am covered and so is the stupid portable nebulizer.  The nice lady then informs me that I am welcome to take the machine with me, but if it is not actually covered, I will have to fork over the $150 out of pocket.  I again mentioned the phone call from IHW saying that they would cover the portable nebulizer.  Snarky-britches ROLLED HER EYES, shook her head and told the other lady to do whatever she wanted, but she personally didn’t think I should get the machine.  Eventually, I just took the damn machine and gave them my info in case they have to hunt me down ’cause I’m lying or something.  So anyway, I get the damn thing home and plug in the rechargeable battery.  The little light goes on to show that it’s charging…for about 2 seconds.  Then the light went out and refused to come back on.  No matter what outlet I try, the damn light will not come on, so I have no frickin’ way to tell if it’s charging or not, and if it does charge, I will have no way of knowing if the battery is fully charged or in need of a recharge.  For fuck’s sake!  Seriously?  Now I have to take this damn thing back to that pharmacy and deal with snarky-britches again and try to get a different battery or machine or whatever.  I hate my life.

I worked on my novel a bit tonight, but now I’m a tad stuck.  I simply cannot figure out what to name my main character.  It’s driving my bonkers trying to figure out the perfect name.  Kinzly?  Magenta?  Kenzie?  Kendall?  Kyah?  Alakina?  Anika?  I was going to choose Rhiannon, since that’s the name my mom really wanted to give me, but it doesn’t have a good nickname and I know a couple Rhiannons now so it would be weird-ish.  Any ideas?  Anyone?  Please?  

Daily randomosity:  I love the way Daffy Duck says “you’re despicable”, it amuses me.  What ever happened to Riverdance?  You never hear about that anymore.  Is that one word, or two?  Riverdance…River Dance…hmm.  Holy crap on a cracker!  I’m watching a show about crazy ex’s and this poor dude had an ex-girlfriend that was absolutely bat-shit crazy!  She hunted him down 14 years after the broke up, moved into a house down the street from him and then ended up running the dude’s mom over with her car!  Just wow. I miss Hoarders, even though it was pretty nasty and disturbing.  I really hope work goes better tomorrow night, which it should since I get to work with Krystal and all.  I was, like, dork-out excited when I checked my DVR recordings of America’s Next Top Model and saw that it was 3 episodes I actually haven’t seen before!  Sadly, that was pretty much the highlight of my night.  That show really does amuse me…and the pictures are pretty awesome.  But mostly, I just like to watch the train-wreck that is a group of chicks trying to live together while competing with each other–it’s pure awesome-ness.  Darn, I’ve got the munchies.  Manga mascara?  To make your eyes look totally manga?  WTF?  I honestly don’t think a cartoon bladder is the greatest marketing tool, no matter how cute they try to make said cartoon bladder.  The commercial for that Lego movie has one part that makes me giggle every single time–this lego dude says, “I’m dark and brooding too!”, then looks out the window and says/squeals, “Ooh look, a rainbow!” all girly and such.  Lmao, this lady just caught her man dressed like a chick, and then the narrator says, “Two years and five surgeries later, Bryan became Briana”. The way they presented the whole thing was just hilarious.  I think using the term bahookey is way better than wazzo or butt or ass, just sounds better really.  

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