Eat Your Heart Out Wonder Woman And Other Incidental Bloggy Bits


So today was truck day (okay, technically yesterday was truck day, but I haven’t gone to bed so it’s still Friday in the world of me, so deal with it).  Normally truck has already come and gone by the time I get to work.  Today, not so much.  Dude didn’t even get there until after 6 and then spent damn near an hour getting the truck parked how he wanted it.  Then he informed us that, without help, he wouldn’t be able to get it all unloaded.  So I helped him.  And that unappreciative little worm then proceeded to point out how much harder his job is than ours every 2 minutes or so.  Mind you, I was trying to help him and still do all my other stuff, like count my drawer and count the change and such.  Thank God for Krystal!  Not only can I trust her to do what needs done while I’m busy with whatever, she totally did the sweeping and the cigarette count for me tonight!  She was like, my kick-ass sidekick or fellow super hero chick or something.  Thank you a million times Krystal!  Okay, so back to the twerp truck driver guy.  So he informs me that he needs help with a roll-tainer filled with bottled water, which means it’s heavy as hell.  Omg, I almost died!  That damn water tried to kill me!  My stupid asthma threw a tantrum and a half and I had to wait for it to pass before I could continue helping the twerp.  After we closed and the deposit stuff was finished, Krystal and I headed back to help the twerp.  When the twerp informed us that he needed us to empty the u-boats he had just filled so he could fill them again, I damn near smacked him.  But we did it.  After we spent FOREVER shifting stuff from u-boats to roll-tainers, he then decided he wouldn’t be taking our cardboard/tote/empty roll-tainers until tomorrow.  We informed him that wasn’t an option since we needed them out of the back room in order to fit all the new crap.  So Krystal and I push all the empties and such out into the alley so they are all ready to go and then we waited.  And waited.  And wai…and that little shit stops working to take a frickin’ cell phone call.  For fuck’s sake, that little twerp took a phone call, knowing we are waiting on him and that the store had been closed for over 2 and a half hours!!  I could have throttled the little shit.  We didn’t get out of there until 11:55!  I was 5 minutes short of having been there for 10 frickin hours.  I was hungry and tired and sore and miserable and annoyed as hell.  But I survived and so did Krystal, and we didn’t kill the twerp, so yay us, right?  We totally deserve a raise.  A big one.

I was going to blog yesterday, but there was Pinterest.  And I truly did nothing besides a load of laundry and Pinterest.  Oh, and I thought about making an appointment to get a haircut.  I didn’t, but I thought about it.  I also thought about changing my sheets.  Yeah, I didn’t do that either.  I did scoop the litter box, but that’s not really blog-worthy.  No one wants to read about scooping poop.  Hell, I don’t want to write about it.

Daily randomosity:  We have two little toads living under our deck/porch thingy!  I have dubbed them Boomer and Dinky, after the birds in The Fox and the Hound.  I feel like I got run over by a whole line of buses.  Twice.  I’m becoming concerned with my inability to resist the temptation of Pinterest’s awesomeness.  Seriously, I spent, like, 5 hours on it yesterday.  I am really not even remotely looking forward to working on putting out truck for the next 2 days.  I really had more than enough truck excitement already, thank you very much.  They are modeling dresses made of hair on the episode of ANTM I’m watching.  Um…ew.  Whose hair?  I mean, no way in hell am I wearing some random person’s hair.  Come to think of it, I don’t really want to wear hair.



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