The Little Old Lady That Drives Me Batty And Other Blog-Worthy Blatherings


Well, work was better tonight than last night, but still a very long night.  Didn’t get all my stuff done and that always makes me feel all disgruntled and frustrated with myself and such.  And I completely forgot to put away the truck crap, which is, like, a huge uncool thing to do.  And then the annoying old lady came in tonight and annoyed us with her existence.  Again.  I’m quite sure that the fact that I want to throttle her wrinkly old neck every time I see her come through the door makes me a bad person.  And, honestly, I do feel bad…well, bad-ish.  I know she is just a little old lady, and I know that she doesn’t actually DO anything nasty or anything to any of us.  But she just makes my eyes roll and my teeth grind and my fists clench every single time.  I find myself thinking horribly mean things about the old woman.  Things like, “I bet her hair is so thin ’cause she annoyed someone so much they not only pulled their own hair out, they snatched most of hers out too” and, “Dear God, please let her be close to lose-her-licence kind of old so she can’t drive here anymore.” I know, I’m just evil, but I can’t help it!  She is bat-shit crazy!  And did I mention she’s a tad annoying?

Daily randomosity:  I’m sooo tired I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, but I am determined to finish this post before I admit defeat and get ready for bed.  I overheard a woman telling her friend a story at work the other night, and had to fight super hard to blurt out a rather scornful correction.  Apparently, the woman is planning to move to Florida and was telling her friend how someone she knows, that already lives in Florida, had her dog killed by a crocodile…a CROCODILE ate her dog…in Florida.  Yeah, um, not so much.  Crocodiles don’t live all over Florida–alligators do.  Alligators, not crocodiles.  Totally not the same thing.  And this lady must have said ‘crocodile’ at least 15 times.  By the time I could escape hearing range, my eye was twitching.  The last thing I heard as I was escaping was the lady telling her friend that all those crocodiles they have in Florida is really the only thing she’s not looking forward to.  Siiiigh.  There are a lot of sheep in New Zealand (if that is spelled incorrectly, I apologize, but spell check is stupid and absolutely no help whatsoever, so it’s actually spell checks fault because it won’t tell me if it’s correct or not since it won’t even acknowledge that it exists at all).  Like zillions of sheep, all over the place.  The movie Black Sheep was hilarious (not the one with David Spade and Chris Farley, the newer horror movie-ish one).  I still can’t believe I forgot to put those damn roll-tainers in the back room.  Here’s a tip for everyone: keep taco shells away from your toaster as it can, apparently, go up in flames.  Like, actual, honest to goodness flames shooting out of the toaster.  And no, I did not find this out through personal experience.  I saw it on ANTM and after I finished laughing at the girl shrieking and flapping and running in circles, I realized that, in theory, it didn’t seem like a bad idea.  She placed the taco shells on a little rack-type thing above the toaster and, up until one of the taco shells slipped off the rack-thing and fell into the toaster, it seemed to be more or less toasting the shells.  So, much like cooking Jiffy Pop over an open flame, it may seem like a really possibly awesome sort of plan, but it definitely does not work out in reality nearly as well as it does in your head.  So, no toaster taco shells and definitely no Jiffy Pop on a camp fire.  That one ended quite a bit like the taco toasting thing, with flames and shrieking and completely unnecessary laughter from observers.  Not that I would know, of course–a purely hypothetical concept there.  Definitely not something I ever tried…right Caron?  (Hypothetically though, Jiffy Pop has the whole ‘do not cook over an open flame’ warning thing on the package for a reason.  Surprisingly large amount of flamage.  So I hear, anyway.)  Oh yeah!  I totally spelled New Zealand right!

Night y’all!


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