An Example Of Why I Hate People And Bonus Bloggy Bits


Last week my lawyer informed me I would need to reapply for SSI disability since my case has apparently, like, died or disappeared or something. Which was baffling to me, especially the part where my lawyer said he doesn’t really understand, but it appears my case is in purgatory or something, and he doesn’t know why, but I should just go ahead and reapply. He told me it’s easy, just fill out application thingy online and wait. Yeah. Only one teeny tiny little problem. YOU CAN’T APPLY ONLINE JACKASS! You have to call and make an appointment and then apparently go to the social security place and talk to one of the delightful folks there, who are seemingly paid to be all judgy and douche-baggy and such. And, to top it all off, I have no idea what to do about the whole lawyer thing. My current lawyer is less than stellar at keeping in touch and, you know, doing his lawyer thing for my case. But I have no idea if I can get a new lawyer since I am starting a new application or if I have to stay with this fella. I think, if I can get a new lawyer, I’m just going to go with one of those obnoxious, overly advertised big law firms that do nothing but deal with this crap. I also attempted to contact vocational rehabilitation about getting some assistance with a few things, which, of course, went awesome…except for the part where it sucked entirely. There’s a waiting list and there is only one worker chick who takes care of folks in my county, so it will probably be a few months before I even talk to anyone, let alone meet with them. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Lawyers suck. Applications suck. Dealing with icky judgy people sucks. I am annoyed already, and I haven’t even really done anything yet.

Apparently there was a funnel cloud/possible tornado right near my work yesterday. Luckily, the only thing that happened was wind damage and loss of power and such. And, bonus, I had yesterday off, so I missed it. Had wind and all that here at home, but no flying trees or anything like that.

Daily randomosity: My niece turned 19 today, which makes me feel ancient. I totally want to see the new horror movie, Deliver Us From Evil. Hmm…my little thingy-bobber that’s usually above this, that has options like italics and such, has disappeared. Bizarre. Kind of looking forward to going to the gut doctor next week, but kind of not. Just hope he can figure out what the hell is up with my stupid stomach. I’m really not looking forward to working the next 4 days, especially since I’m still all achy and sore from working the weekend. I spent hours looking for awesome amusing pics online yesterday, specifically for use on here. Chloe and I Skyped tonight and totally jammed out to some of her fave songs. I know I must look absolutely ridiculous when I dance and sing with/for her, but I really don’t care. If it makes her smile or laugh, it’s worth it. My hands keep going numb, which is unbelievably annoying. Well that was awkward–the news folks just switched from one on-the-spot reporter person to another, and when they switched, they were apparently having some issues with the focus. So they zoomed in on Bruce Aune’s nose hairs and zoomed back out and in a bit before finding the right focus/distance. I was very uncomfortable with seeing Bruce’s nose hairs. I almost feel violated by the nose hair footage.



One thought on “An Example Of Why I Hate People And Bonus Bloggy Bits

  1. Tom

    Bruce attends our church so I get to be all up close and personal with his nose hairs on a regular. he seems to be a nice guy but it’s really hard to tell if he’s just putting on his public persona or being authentic. So I just ignore him and move on.
    Unfortunately, some lawyers are jerkfaces but there are some good ones out there. The hard part is finding them.


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