Another Delightful Day In Retail And Likes And Other Tasty Tidbits


So, work yesterday was less than torturous, yet not as fun as, say, a leg cramp while swimming in shark infested waters…with a bleeding wound…and land is in sight but beyond reach. As always, I felt like we spent the entire night trying to get way too many things accomplished in far too small a time period. Luckily, I worked with Krystal, which always makes me way less snarky and such, since she’s awesome and all. I even managed to not choke the old bat who insisted on reminding me why I dislike people. We were resetting the skin care section, so we had 2 carts full of stuff and 2 baskets full of stuff and cleaning stuff all parked next to the shelves, which is right by one of the registers, which means the rather narrow space between counter and shelf was pretty much filled/blocked with all that plus me, since I was working on the whole reset thing. So this old bat comes in, grabs a cart, and chooses to head in my direction. Instead of heading into the big open area on the other side of the registers, she decides she wants to come through the area I am working in. She stood there and, all annoyingly existing and such, and asks if she can get through. I just stared at her for a full minute or so, then moved everything so her dumb ass could get through. Why must people do these things? What on earth makes them think they simply must be right where someone is working? I could have understood if she had needed something from that particular area, put she was just passing through. Just like when I am mopping an aisle and suddenly someone just HAS to go down that aisle, not ’cause they need anything there, they just want to go down that exact aisle right that second. Or when we are setting and end cap or resetting shelves, suddenly, everyone just has to be in our space. They do not care that we are attempting to get our work done. They do not care that they are messing up things we are in the process of straightening or cleaning or moving or whatever. It is baffling how inconsiderate people are. I really just kinda hate people. Like, a lot.

I just saw the strangest movie trailer. Apparently there is a new Marvel movie coming out, and one of the…um…heroes is a raccoon…like, for real. A crime-fighting, bad-guy killing raccoon. That talks and makes jokes and such. And uses weapons. Um…yeah. Looks ah-mazing. In case you missed it, that was sarcasm, y’all.

Daily Randomosity: I got a little notice thing that congratulated me for getting a total of 5 likes on my blog. At first, I was all, “I. Am. Awesome.” Then I was all, “Hey, wait a minute. I’ve had, like, over 100 posts. And 5 likes. Omg. I. Am. Pathetic. And apparently, my blog sucks as a general rule. We are talking single-digit percent appreciation here. So, like, 90+% of people who read these posts don’t really dig them all that much. Which, on one hand, is a total bummer. On the other hand, it’s kind of awesome, cause that means all those folks are all torturing themselves, which is kind of strange and amusing all the same time. Like, my blog can totally be the new epic win thing in the world of torture and punishment! “What? He tortures puppies and rips off mattress tags? That level of evil deserves the worst punishment we have! The iron maiden and the rack are just not horrible enough! Take him to (pause for dramatic effect) THE BLOG!!!” Dead, White and Blue The Walking Dead marathon is awesome. Am I the only person who sees people in post-apocalyptic situations, whether on t.v. or in a movie or in a book, and thinks things like, “They totally are all hugging it out and such. Seriously? They haven’t bathed in ages! Probably aren’t wearing deodorant either. Dear God they have to stink like dead rotting ass, and they are going to choose these conditions to get all huggy? Eww. I mean, I have no problems with hugs in and of themselves so much, but the thought of being that close to someone else’s funk is just yucky. And what the hell is up with the whole “Canned goods stay edible forever and ever” bullshit?? I can assure you this is not the case. Being in a can does NOT mean the food will avoid mutating into something barely recognizable and definitely inedible. For example, past the expiration date, peaches will turn into a truly horrific mass of nasty ick.


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