Three Me-Made Memes, Two Too-Tall Nephews, One Small Electrical Fire At The Old Lady’s House, And A Blog Nowhere Near A Pear Tree


Okay, so I realize it’s been, like, 2 days since I actually blogged, but better late than never, right? On the plus side, I have several pointless things to regale you with!

On Tuesday, I was actually awake and semi-coherent and such before 9 am!  Considering I didn’t fall asleep until after 6 am, I think that’s pretty darn impressive.  Unfortunately, I was only awake because of the hubbub taking place outside and my aunt’s frantic request for a blanket for the old lady.  In my sleep-muddled  brain, I was all kinds of baffled until she put it in nice, simple terms for the sleep-stupid, “The old lady’s house is on fire!”  So I stumbled from my bed, detoured to the kitchen for coffee (priorities, folks, priorities), then headed out to the porch.  This is the sight that greeted me:

neighborhood hubbub

I was all like, “Holy crap!” and my nosy self was all kinds of enthralled.  It didn’t take long to find out that, in reality, it really wasn’t all that serious.  Apparently, the old lady had an overloaded power strip thingy in her spare room and a small fire occurred, creating a shocking amount of smoke.  The firefighter dudes apparently spent most of their time using fans to get the smoke out of the house.  The old lady was shaken up but unhurt.  So, really, 2 fire trucks, an ambulance and a cop car may have been a bit of overkill.

So yesterday, my buddy Tom was awesome enough to come pick me up and take me to my gut doctor appointment.  Afterwards, we went to the Bitter Noodle homestead, aka, the home of Noodle and my Bitter Bald buddy and their boys/my nephews.  While there, I got pooped on by a baby chicken (in case you’re wondering, it does not make it any less icky-nasty-eewww just because it it was fluffy baby chicken poop), I received the evil-eye I-can’t-wait-to-eat-your-face-off mean face from some big chickens, I actually experienced sympathy toward a poor mauled chicken (which is kinda amazingly impressive on my part, since this chicken is into human foot assault/mutilation/annihilation), and I discovered my nephews have decided to be all taller and such, making them my height or perhaps slightly taller!  The same boys I used to pick up and make into human guitars and play the push-’em-away game with and cuddle with–they are now, like, adult sized and such!  First Jagger, then Elise and Shania, and now my boys!  So not cool.  On a totally happy note though, I totally got Tom’s Alfredo for dinner last night!

the bitter noodle family!

See??  They are already taller than Tom and Nessa!  And I’m next!

I think I have learned how to make my own memes!  Still perfecting it, but I think I’ve got it figured out and such!  I posted one earlier about changing times.  Here’s another one I’m still working on.  It isn’t quite exactly how I want it yet.

ur a good friend but if zombies chase us i am totally shaneing ur ass

Daily randomosity:  I have watched the ‘Yellow Fever’ episode of Supernatural, fifty times, and it still makes me giggle every single time.  Ooh!  Genius idea!  They should totally add Jensen Ackles to the cast of The Walking Dead!  Then it would, literally, be the most perfect show ever! Awesome zombie show with really awesome characters AND a totally awesomely hot guy=PERFECTION!  Not that Norman Reedus isn’t pretty darn hot, but, well, you can never have too many hot guys/eye-candy!  It’s truck day at work tomorrow, and I have to work.  And I have to work with the one person who brings out the very un-nice side of me through her complete refusal to even attempt to actually work or, you know, be less stupid.  It should be a delightfully horrendous night.  Yippee!



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