Pinterest, The Strain, Idiots, Brother-O-Mine, Worries About My Nephew, Friend Health Emergency And Failure To Blog


I have escaped the vile clutches of the evil temptress Pinterest, for the moment at least.  Ever since I discovered how to make memes, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for pictures to use.  In fact, I have spent so much time finding pics that I haven’t even taken the time to make any more memes yet.  I think I may have to invest in a timer of some sort to keep me from losing track of time whilst I am traversing the Pinterest wormhole.

So stoked that they made The Strain, a book I totally dug, into a mini-series/movie thing!  Pretty darn good so far.  Granted, I’m only, like, 40 minutes into it, but still.  And Sean Austin’s in it, and a few others that look familiar-ish.  I wonder if they’ll make the other 2 books into movies too…sure hope so.

I’m fairly certain that I’m going to end up silencing a particular personification of stupidity I am forced to deal with with some nice, sturdy duct tape.  Probably the hot pink or the peace sign tape, so it at least looks a tad less harsh.  Now, this may sound rather drastically not-nice, but the level of laziness and stupidity radiating from this person is mind boggling.  Truly, I feel duct tape is a rather mild response, considering how often I battle the urge to beat her about the head with a brick or something similarly sturdy and un-soft.  Speaking of idiotic morons, there was a customer tonight who kept teasing us for bringing in the sidewalk sale stuff because it looked like it might rain, only he kept saying, “Oh don’t worry girls, it’s not going to snow!  Ain’t going to get any of that snow tonight!”  And then I had to wait on the douche-canoe man, who was all snarky because he had to wait in line for, like, 4 minutes.  Which was totally not my fault!  First I had the pokey old lady, then the creeper who took forever to understand that we did not have the cigarettes he kept requesting so he would have to pick a different kind or go without, then I had a couple more people.  It was not my fault that everyone just had to check out right when my coworker went to lunch.  And then I had to refrain from throat-punching the lady who brought in some pants to exchange.  Since I was on lunch, my coworker had to page me to the register.  I had to put out my cigarette (which I had just lit) and go inside.  When I got inside, the lady had decided to go see if she could find the pants to exchange with the ones she was bringing back.  I waited and waited, literally watching my break tick away.  Finally, I got irked and told my coworker I was going to go back out and try for a cigarette again, and to tell the chick I’d be back in a moment.  Got outside, smoked about a fourth of my cigarette, then my coworker paged me again (apparently she did not want to make the lady wait, literally, like 2 more minutes for me to be done…much nicer than me I suppose.)  So I went back in and managed not to smack the annoyance off the chicks face (you know, since SHE was being extremely inconvenienced and such by having to wait a minute for me to get back inside and all that), which was really hard when she made a snarky little comment about it being a good thing I could teach my coworker to do the return, making it glaringly obvious that she was exceedingly disgruntled over having to wait for someone else to do the return.  When she was informed that cashiers cannot do returns, that only keyholders and managers and such can do them, she, of course, had to let us know how ridiculously stupid that is.  By the time I finished her return, my break was officially over, so I clocked back in, announced that I was going to go have my frickin’ cigarette, and went back out and smoked.  Luckily, I had just finished and was heading back in when she paged me to the register again.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

I am pleased to report that I got to chat with my big brother Friday, which I haven’t been able to do for quite awhile, unfortunately.  He may be a big ol’ boogerheaded jerkface, but he is my big brother, and I love him.  Even when he puts tiny little nasty pictures in my wallet, or fills my luggage with packing peanuts, or completely buries my gas cap under a mound of petroleum jelly, or sends my friend a truly inappropriate email from my account, or wakes me up at 4 am with a leaf blower, or glues a hideously creepy dolls head to the front bumper of my car.  Confession: nearly all of that amused the hell out of me, damn it.

So I discovered that my nephew, Jagger, had been in the hospital for a week after having a seizure and falling into the street, complete with traffic.  AND NO ONE THOUGHT TO MENTION THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!  My boy was in the hospital, and no one even told me!  Every single person who knew of this and did not tell me is fired.  Luckily, I think he’s okay.  Love that kid so much.

Right after I found out about Jagger, I found out that my friend, Jamie, had a heart attack.  She’s only about 4 months older than me.  She was having bypass surgery today.  I hope everything went okay and she gets to bust out of the hospital soon!  I’m so glad her parents were able to go be with her!  Hurry up and get well Jamie!

Daily randomosity:  Penguins are pretty nifty.  They totally don’t give a single fuck if they walk funny, they just waddle around all like, “Whatever, losers!  I’m a penguin!”  Okay, this movie’s pretty bad-ass, really.  This dude’s dead kid just showed up, tapping on his french doors and shit.  And of course, he let her in, even though she, quite literally, looked like death.  It most definitely is not going to end well for Mr. Dead-Kid’s-Dad.  Well crap on a cracker–apparently this isn’t a movie, exactly.  It’s a frickin’ series!  Dear jumpin’ Jahosiphat, way to torture a gal, jackwads!  Carpal Tunnel is ANNOYING as hell.  Just sayin’.  I hate it when I read a book, then discover it’s part of a series, so I get the rest of the series, only to find out that there’s more books in the series that have not yet been released.  Truly irritating.

this mfing souffle is ruined...taxidermy lol

bad hair day

i hate people...yeah...take that people

bad joke snake...eeeeeeyyyy

That is all.



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