A Blog About A Blog…And Some Memes And Stuff


So I had 98 views on my blog!  In one day!  The ridiculously dweeby happy dance I did was, admittedly, probably rather pathetic.  I do not give even a tiny smidgen of a single fuck!  Made my whole dork day…heck, probably my whole week!  So yay to all who checked out my blogginess and yay to my blog for attracting visitors!

I made a few more memes tonight, not totally thrilled with them, but I didn’t want to throw things or scream curse words over their suckiness either, so that’s a good sign.  The main issue seems to be my whole indecisive/self-loathing thing.  Even when I come up with something, I end up deciding it’s not funny at all and that it actually sounds completely stupid.  Or I come up with a couple different options and can’t choose which one, or I can’t choose which picture to use in the first place.  But mostly, I just tell myself I pretty much suck at meme-making and end up saving it more out of a sense of defeatism than triumph.  In other words, I make no promises that they are even worth checking out.  You have been warned.

Daily randomosity:  Sometimes, I get kinda sick of everything.  Like, seriously, pretty much everything.  My job, my anorexic bank account, my stupid health issues, my shrunken circle of friends, my life in general.  But then I mentally bitch-slap myself a bit and force myself to remember how shitty my job at the consignment store was and how awful they treated me, and I make myself realize that the friends I do have are some of the most amazing people on earth and they genuinely care about me, and I think about the fact that I may be broke as hell and I may be rather miserable with all my stupid health crap, but I can still enjoy things.  I can chat with a friend or read or write a blog post or peruse amusing pics on Pinterest or read or watch reruns of ANTM or get lost in Netflix or read or Skype with Chloe or work on my book or read.  So screw you pathetic bank account and go to hell annoyingly stupid health issues!  Yep, I’m kinda nutty, but damn it, I’m still fighting my way through every crappy thing thrown my way.  So there!  My cat just let out this really goofy snorty noise in his sleep…very amusing, that.  I should have a new baby cousin sometime tomorrow!  Hey Caron!  You pushed me!

That is all.


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