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Okay, so yesterday I totally left the house for something other than work, unavoidable shopping or medical necessity.  Go me!  I went with my aunt and uncle to my cousin’s house, then we all went to this fund-raising dinner type thing.  Normally, I would avoid this sort of thing, seeing as how my aversion to public places and people is rather legendary.  However, this particular shindig was for my fave selectively social shopping buddy cousin, Robby, which means I simply had to go.  It was pretty fun and I only had to interact with my aunt and uncle and my cousins.  And the food wasn’t bad either.

I am actually working tomorrow and Saturday, so I will be forced to leave my happy little home-nest.  I am going to try really, really, really hard not to lose my patience with a certain someone.  I won’t go so far as to attempt being friendly, as I fear such a strain would make my brain blow a gasket and would, quite likely, end in ugliness.  So, here’s hoping!

Daily randomosity:  I made some more memes yesterday, and snagged some apps today to test out and see which meme generator I like best.  I ruffled some dimwit’s feathers on Pinterest, which is really silly, since all I did was point out the faultiness of her thought(less) process.  She got so miffed that she removed my comment from her pin thingy.  Though that may have been done to keep anyone else from realizing how dense she is.  Tom would have a heyday with this twit.  I find the Godzilla Snickers commercial kind of bizarre.  You know the one I mean?  Where Godzilla and his frat-boy type buddies are hanging out at the beach and Godzilla is the one the hot chick goes for, then G and his boys are playing sports or something and G wins and they say Godzilla is totally awesome, except when he’s hungry, then they show him being all cheesy-movie-bad-monster Godzilla-ish until he eats a Snickers and goes back to be awesome again…yeah, it’s super weird.  According to WTFfacts or whatever it is, Target will match any Amazon price.  If you Google map of the dead, you can see an interactive map that shows you important locations you may need to raid in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  I got to Skype with Chloe for a bit tonight, which is always awesome.  And I got to say hi to my big brother when he was picking her up, which was an added touch of nifty.  I talked to Jamie a couple times now, and she seems to be doing pretty good, even though I have made her get off the phone fairly quickly both times, since it seemed to be difficult for her to talk for too long.  I’m just glad she’s okay.  My goal for this evening: fall asleep before daylight!  I truly would be rather horribly pathetic at being a criminal-type.  Every time I watch theses cop shows and the cops are yelling, all I can think is how I’d probably just burst into tears and have a panic attack or something.  Zombie apocalypse alert emergency text message code word: alpacas.  I totally got the stupid malware crap off my computer today!  Pretty sure anyway.  This program thingy seems to be working, so yay!






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