You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone OR Life Sucks When You Can’t Have Ibuprofen


I just don’t understand.  I’m getting a camera stuck down my throat to check out my upper guts on Thursday, and they have banned me from taking Ibuprofen in the four days leading up to the procedure.  What kind of sick, sadistic bastards are these people??  To be completely honest, I wasn’t aware that Ibuprofen was really making much of a difference with my gazillion aches and pains and such.  Tragically, I underestimated it.  You have to understand, I have pain pretty much constantly, it’s something I have more or less grown used to, and I manage to ignore it for the most part.  So, honestly, I figured since I still had pain, the Ibuprofen probably wasn’t really helping much.  I figured it helped a little, just not that much.  After working tonight with no Ibuprofen (last dose was Saturday night!), I realized how very wrong I was.  I miss Ibuprofen.  A lot.  Like, I feel like I should be decked out in proper mourning attire, kind of a lot.  Thankfully, my separation from Ibuprofen is only temporary, and we will be reunited Thursday afternoon…if I make it that long (cue dramatic music).

 Once again folks, walking on newly mopped floors is rude and inconsiderate and stupid and just plain shitty behavior.  And I am relatively certain you can go to hell for it, particularly if your shoes are super dirty and leave muck tracks throughout the whole damn store.  You should anyway.  I am not referring to the folks who try to walk around whenever possible or the folks who are genuinely apologetic.  I am referring to the asshats that watch you mop, then walk right on through the freshly mopped area without even attempting to find a way around it.  Seriously, fix this shit people.

Daily randomosity:  What’s up with fake eyelashes?  Why the hell would anyone glue fake eyelashes onto their eyelids as part of their make-up ritual?  Of course, I don’t wear any make-up at all unless I have to, so maybe this doesn’t seem as bizarre to normal gals that do wear that crap.  A bunch of folks on Facebook are doing this thing where they challenge others to post 5 pics of themselves in which they feel beautiful.  Damn am I glad I have thus far dodged that bullet.  Honestly, I don’t think I have any pictures of myself that I think I look beautiful in.  I was really cute when I was really little, but I con’t think that counts.  So, yeah, I’d be pretty much out of luck.  Though I could maybe pick a couple where I could go so far as to say I don’t look completely hideous…maybe.  Andrew Zimmern is a much braver person than I will ever be–most of the stuff he tries, I would only even contemplate eating if I was starving to death.  And probably not even then, since a lot of it is slimy or stinky or texturally unpleasant or it has eyes or numerous creepy legs, which is all just not okay in my edible things book.  I’ll stick to my fully cooked microwavable chicken and similarly yummy stuff.



2 thoughts on “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone OR Life Sucks When You Can’t Have Ibuprofen

  1. Tom

    I, to date, have managed to avoid the swirl of shame that would consist of searching through a multitude of images of me, vainly trying to find “beauty”. Thank God for non-traditional forms of beauty. Like a sick and twisted sense of humor.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do have a smashing picture of you showing your boobies and making the most awesome face ever, which I will gladly allow you to use if you should ever need to. Just sayin’.


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