A Blog Before My Torture Begins…


So I’m going to have the whole camera-down-my-throat-to-see-my-guts thing done tomorrow.  Thankfully, I will be doped to the gills and unconscious during the whole thing.  Unfortunately, because of the fact that I will be under anesthetic tomorrow, I am not allowed to eat OR DRINK anything after midnight…which is about 20 minutes from now.  Anyone who knows me is well aware of my whole I’m-always-thirsty thing, and therefore knows how torturous this will be for me.  I have no trouble going without food, but I am constantly drinking my Mountain Dew or sweet tea or flavored water or whatever.  I don’t go anywhere without something to drink.  I may wither and die before my appointment tomorrow.  Seriously, it could happen.

My big brother and I discussed some stuff about my book today, which was awesome.  I can’t wait to work on it and weave in his ideas and the ideas Robby and Erin and Tom have contributed.  I’m hoping to work on it this weekend or next week.  Pretty sure I’ve decided on a name for my main character, so that’s a start.

Daily randomosity: 11 minutes to deprivation.  I find it bizarre that I had over 120 views last week, and this week I’ve only had, like 35.  Baffling, that.  Boots and pants and boots and pants.  Sorry, commercial intrusion moment.  I hope they can figure out what the hell is wrong with my guts tomorrow, it’s really quite annoying.  I really need to call Nia in the next week or so.  I hope I can make it to my appointment with the voc. rehab lady tomorrow afternoon.  



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