Being Doped Up Is Not Conducive To Blogging…


Yeah, so, I don’t know what they gave me to knock me out for my whole camera-visiting-my-guts procedure thingy, but it is some serious stuff.  I spent most of yesterday zonked out or zoned out.  I’m not complaining, mind you, just commenting.  It was actually kind of nice to be able to sleep for a change.  So, needless to say, I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday, not even a little picture post for my blog.  My bad.

Facebook is seriously irking me off.  Keeps crashing on me and freezing up and crap like that.  Grrr. 

So work was okay tonight, I guess.  Truck came late but the guy got everything unloaded and I didn’t have to help like I did with the twerp, so that was nice.  Had a lot of straightening/recovery to do–all my sections were a huge mess.  And it was, as always, hot as hell in our delightful building.  It was upsetting to get a phone call informing me that my nephew is, once again, in the hospital.  It appears this time it may be due to his own thoughtless actions.  I worry about him so much, and I love him more than he knows, and I hope he will be okay.  Hopefully, I can visit him soon, either in the hospital or, if he isn’t there very long, at home.  Love you Jagger!

So I guess I have a couple more issues with my guts than I thought.  Apparently, I have damage from my acid reflux and, joy of joys, a hernia thing caused by the acid in my stomach or some such thing.  Now I’m supposed to eat more (which is crazy, in my opinion…I mean, who tells a fat girl to eat more???) and I’m supposed to give up Mountain Dew and chocolate and similarly delightful things.  Now, I will go along with the whole I-have-to-eat-more-than-once-a-day deal, and I will gladly cut way back on chocolate, but giving up Mountain Dew?  Yeah, probably not going to happen.  I will cut back, but I just can’t let it go entirely…we’ve been together so long, it just seems wrong to break it off now.  LOL.  But anyway, I have to cut back on the Dew and chocolate and eat little mini-meals several times a day and not eat right before bed etc etc etc.  Good times, good times.

Daily randomosity:  Why do folks in prison seem so surprised that it’s not a nice place?  I hope my new lung doc is cool, and I hope to hell he can figure out something to make my asthma be a little less stupid.  I had to call Dart’s vet today and ask for another thing of eye drops ’cause his icky eye issue is back again–poor guy, his eyes look so sore.  If I ever get cowboy boots, they will totally be pink and sparkly.  I have to go another week with no Ibuprofen because they took some biopsy thingies from my guts and apparently Ibuprofen could make the biopsy sights bleed or something like that.  Personally, I think they’re just trying to kill me slowly.  Carpal Tunnel blows suckiness, big time.  I totally snagged that term from Jason ’cause it made me giggle.  



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