FYI: Bellowing At Folks Standing Less Than 4 Feet From You Is NOT Acceptable Behavior


Okay folks, once again, I am going to give you a little tip on acceptable vs. unacceptable behavior toward the poor, overworked, under-paid, unappreciated retail workers.  It is not amusing to any of us when you make comments like, “Are you working hard or hardly working? Hahaha!” or “How mad would you get if I…(insert stupid potential mess/behavior)” or “So, this job’s pretty easy, right?” or anything even vaguely resembling any variation of any of these.  It is not okay to stand less than 4 feet from the register and bellow at the cashier, “Barbecue sauce!”, especially if you are standing right next to the damn barbecue sauce.  For crap’s sake, you’re not even asking a question, you’re just hollering a type of condiment!  Seriously folks, WTH?  And, once again, if you pick up an item, then decide not to get it, PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU GOT IT or give it to the cashier or an employee!  And if you notice an employee pulling products forward and straightening a shelf, do not walk over and take things from the front.  Every time you do this, we have to go back and fix that section again.  It may not sound like that big of a deal, but you have to realize that most people do not take the time to give a shit whether they’re messing stuff up or not.  So if 10 customers come in, and all ten buy numerous things, we will have to re-straighten every section they bought items from.  It sucks, so don’t be an asshole–put stuff back where you got it and take your items from the back.

Randomosity:  What if I don’t really have A.D.D. and the real reason I have trouble focusing and remembering stuff is ’cause there is a little alien in my head that is crossing wires and flipping switches and such?  If the vacuums on t.v. worked as well as they say, why doesn’t everyone have them?  Why do I have so many short friends?  I bet that darn alien lives inside my little bumpy cyst thingy I have on my head.  I wish they would make individualized cable channels.  You know, like if you like certain crime shows, you could have a channel that just played those crime shows, or if you were really into, say, zombies, you could have a channel full of zombie shows and movies.  How awesome would that be?!?

Toodle-loo  kangaroos!


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