So I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Never Be An American Ninja Warrior


I’m kind of a little bit enthralled with American Ninja Warrior, like, kind of a lot actually.  For those who do not know, it’s a televised competition where folks have to make it through various obstacle courses in order to reach the final course in Las Vegas, which is apparently the hardest obstacle course EVER, since, as far as I know, no one has ever successfully completed it.  These people amaze me–climbing 14 foot walls and running across crazy bridges that wobble or spin under their feet and climbing ladders created by some psychopath that apparently thrives on watching people strain all the muscles in their arms and such.  Hell, I can barely walk without faceplanting!  And most of the contestants do parkor as part of their training regime, and that shit straight up blows my mind.  If you have never seen someone do parkor, hop on YouTube and look that shit up ASAP!  Holy crap!  This dude just ran the course and he broke one of the obstacles and still finished!  Seriously, you should check this show out and be humbled by the awesomeness.  Added bonus–a bunch of dudes being all muscly (holy shit, that’s actually a word!) and hot and such, usually without their shirts on.  Okay, so that’s really only an added bonus for chicks and gay men, but it’s totally a bonus anyway.

Krystal and I met an amusing gal this evening.  She was loud and obnoxious and amusing–and doped to the gills.  That’s right folks, she was completely open with the fact that she is on several rather potent pain meds and such, and she has been taking them for years and will continue to need them , since she’s probably pretty darn addicted by now.  Apparently, she has severe carpal tunnel, and she either doesn’t trust the surgery or it wouldn’t help (seeing as how she was a tad loopy, both of these reasons were stated more than once, so maybe it’s both, or maybe not).  Now, I have carpal tunnel, and Krystal has carpal tunnel, and neither of us takes uber pain killers to deal with it.  Maybe we’re just badasses.

Randomosity:  Why did Hammer pants ever seem like a good idea?  I think dancing on a bar looks awfully dangerous.  And rather tacky.  Except in Cyote Ugly, that was actually pretty awesome.  Another thing that’s awesome about Ninja Warrior–the contestants all cheer each other on and help each other in training and/or warm-ups.  How cool is that??  I’m pretty sure it’s the most awesome sport competition ever.  Have you ever paid attention to the difference in commercials on guy t.v. stations and chick stations?  Guy channels have tons of alcohol and food commercials while chick channels–not so much.  Interesting.



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