My Room’s So Bright And Jammin’ Out To An Infomercial


Tom is the bomb!  Not only does his name conveniently rhyme with bomb, he also fixes scary, sparking, non-functioning bedroom lights!  My psycho light crapped out last week, leaving me with one little table lamp as the sole source of light in my bedroom.  I couldn’t even read a book without using my booklight!  My awesome bitter buddy took time to come over and replace the switch thingy so, not only will I have light again, I won’t get sparked at anymore when I flip the lights on!  Now my room is so bright I feel like I should slap on some accelerator and work on my tan!

I feel a tad awkward that, as I am blogging, I am jamming out to an infomercial selling an 80’s music collection.  Aw man!  It’s even a Time Life collection!  It just isn’t right!  But how do you not bee-bop along to this?  Even though I’m only vaguely hearing it, I keep catching myself singing along and bobbing my head to the music.  It isn’t my fault–they’re playing Billy Idol and John Cougar Mellenkamp and Billy Joel and Pat Bentar and Bryan Adams and The Bangles and such!  Well, the good new is, the infomercial is over.  The bad news?  Now I want the damned collection.  Grrr.

I happened across a rather baffling, yet curiously intriguing and bizarrely cute-ish item on Pinterest today.  Part of me is completely appropriately disturbed by this.  You probably won’t find it surprising to know that a much larger part of me kinda digs it.  I mean, it’s cute and gruesome at the same time, which always amuses me.  I kinda want one.

A cute little fuzzy wuzzy mouse...well, it was anyway.

A cute little fuzzy wuzzy mouse…well, it was anyway.

Randomosity:  Nifty quote from Lockup: “Not being a bigot is a pretty cool thing.  When you’re not busy hating people, it’s pretty cool to get to know them.”  This came from a former Neo-Nazi gang member (honestly can’t remember exactly which gang.)  I bet it would beyond bad-ass awesome to watch an autopsy.  I know that it was ah-mazingly cool when I got to see the human cadaver.  It sounds icky to most folks, but I find human anatomy absolutely fascinating.  The second I see the inner workings of animals or people, I completely forget everything about the whole “this is icky nasty I am looking at a dead animal/person” (at least that was the case the few times I encountered such situations).  For me, the stuff that makes life possible, all the stuff that is working behind the scenes, so to speak, all that stuff is awe-inspiring.  I would have been an awesome autopsy tech.  Not so much any more though–corpse brought in wearing perfume, my asthma throws a tantrum and I almost end up in the morgue myself.  I hope work isn’t too bad tomorrow (technically, today).  I do get to work with Krystal (YAY!) and we’ll be working on truck, so hopefully it’s not too bad.  And hopefully, there won’t be a thief like the other night…so pissed that I didn’t catch it.  Oh well, can’t change it now.  But it is awfully hard to keep an eye on every customer that comes in while doing all the crap they want us to get done.  And then there’s all the things you’re allowed to do regarding possible theft, and all the things you’re not allowed to do.  I wish I had footie pajamas.  Fuzzy ones.  Yet another reason to avoid ever going to prison–showers.  Unless a prisoner is in segregation, they apparently do some incredibly horrific group showering thing, where a bunch of people share the same shower time and there is no privacy so it’s like some terrifying skin fest from hell.  Yeah…hell no.





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