Your Weirdo Fix For Today…


Okay, enough of that serious me, time for normal, wacky me.  You lucky devils, you!

Randomosity:  I got my hair cut today, cuz my cousin’s awesome and had a walk-in only night at her shop, so yay!  I do apologize for failing to blog last night, but I was not feeling so hot.  Okay, I was freaking miserable.  My stupid stomach decided to just go ape-shit all damn day and such, so by the time I got home, I pretty much felt like I was dying.  Thankfully, it got a bit better and I totally did not die.  I am super grateful that I do not have the job of ‘rectal thermometer tester’, which is an actual position at, like, Johnson and Johnson or somewhere like that.  And while I’m thinking of it, I just don’t think there is enough sanitization on the planet to make me okay with using a thermometer that has already visited some strangers bahookey.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t use a rectal thermometer at all, ever…but if I had to for some reason (like maybe I get me-napped by some bizarre butt-thermometer pirates who force folks to have their temp taken rectally or something), I just couldn’t use one that wasn’t a booty virgin, so to speak.  I love windchimes, I would totally have a zillion of them if I could.  Suspenders–functional or just kinda shnazzy?  I’m super glad my shorty pal Caron seems to have found a guy who actually appreciates her unique awesomeness.  I can’t wait to tell him some stories!  (SEE?!?! splash) LMAO!  I can’t believe I forgot to watch the episode of The Strain!  I shall have to do so as soon as I am done!  Dude, my blog just disappeared, then reappeared–I almost had a conniption!  I totally have the munchies, darn it.



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