Giant Tumors And Sharks And Zombie Awesomeness And Stuff


As I may have mentioned, I’m sort of a lot into documentaries.  Like, borderline obsessed really.  Anyhow, I am watching one about a man in Vietnam who has a 200 hundred pound tumor!  Seriously, this thing is, like, 3 times the size of the rather smallish dude that has it.  Apparently, he had a big ol’ tumor on his leg when he was a teenager, so they amputated the leg, thinking that would be the end of that.  Yeah, not so much.  After a bunch of nifty stuff happened, some doctor from the U.S. was going to go and try to remove the ginormous tumor in some hospital in Vietnam.  Then, after the doctor makes the trip there, the hospital decides to cancel the surgery.  Lucky for the fella with the tumor, the doctor gets all snarked off and argues with all the hospital people, since the dude will die without it (which makes it seem rather silly to cancel the surgery because they think it will kill the dude that’s dying anyway.)  I also have documentaries about a boy having his parasitic twin removed and a teen with Progeria (the disease that makes children age so rapidly that few, if any, live to see 18).  Oh yay, they took the fella with the tumor to a different hospital and the doc flew back from the U.S. and now they’re doing the surgery.  This poor doctor guy is getting rather irked at his surgery team, since they have virtually no idea what they’re doing and there is the whole language barrier issue and he ended up spending a lot of the surgery trying to get them to do what they needed to and keeping them from doing what he didn’t want them to do.  Yay, he didn’t die and now his huge tumor is gone.  Happy ending!

I was watching a show on shark week earlier and I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by how very gory it was.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally dug it and was all fascinated and such, it just seemed a bit extreme for, well, for normal folks to see.  Dangling skin and missing limbs and blood and all that don’t bother me in the least.  For the normal, far more squeamish folks, stuff like that is a bit disturbing and may cause a bit of screeching and retching and such.  But it was pretty darn bad-ass fascinating in the world of me!

So I discovered a site called that has over 40 pages of zombie awesomeness!  It has some of the coolest zombie stuff ever!  A snowglobe, pillow buddy (totally want the girl one!), slippers, socks, an awesome beach towel with the whole ‘don’t open dead inside’ picture, a fountain (with spinning eyeball!), a remote control zombie, a make-your-own-zombie kit, a zombie killer katana (so bad-ass), blankets (I like the head aquarium blanket best), lounge pants (beyond awesome!), purses, gnomes, wallets (the head aquarium is my fave), a solar shaker desk dude, a desktop bowling set, zombie-opoly, a backpack, a snuggly (!!), magnets (the 3d one is the best), statues, banks, etc etc etc.  The stuff costs anywhere from $3 to $600 (for a Dixon-like crossbow!), so really, you could easily find the perfect gift for your fave zombie-nut without spending a fortune (hinthinthint)!!  Some stuff was totally awesome…until I saw the price.  The amazing letter opener with wicked zombie base thingy, or the zombie fairytail dolls or the Darryl Dixon statue–all things I will never have, unless I win the lottery…or someone who loves me A LOT wins.  But overall, I have discovered my own little zombie heaven, y’all!

Randomosity:  I wonder why most sets of conjoined twins are girls?  If I had a zombie blanket, a zombie pillow buddy and zombie jammies and slippers, I’m pretty sure I’d be the comfiest zombie-obsessed chick EVER.  Yay!  The little boy had his parasitic twin removed and is all healthy and stuff.  I think I’ll repaint my toes this weekend–probably pink or orange.  Five of my fave songs: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac, Glory Of Love by Peter Cetera, Just A Little Girl (Raggedy Ann) by Mindy Smith and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.  Why are there no blue flamingos?  Zombie lawn gnomes are kinda beyond awesome.  Why is it that I can tell you every word of songs I loved in high school and recite that Robert Frost poem without any trouble, but I can’t remember what happened last week?  Having jewels put on (in?) your teeth is nasty.  Why would anyone want their eyeball tattooed?  And how the hell do they hold still for that shit?  I can’t even get my eyes to cooperate enough to apply eyeliner or wear contacts, no way in hell would me eyes go for tattooing!  They’d water and blink and twitch so badly the tattoo artist would get creeped out and give up.  I wonder if I will ever feel the urge to wear makeup.  Doubt it, seeing as how I’m already 37 and I still don’t have any interest in doing so.

Night y’all!


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