A Potato Chip Douche-Bag, An Awesome Bit Of Socializing, Delightfully Odd Comments Regarding Hermaphrodites And Small Penises And, If I Recall Correctly, Nut Cheese, And Other Bad-Ass Bloggy Bits


Okay, so the other night at work, I had a delightful encounter with a whole new level of WTF.  A dude and his woman came in and he fairly quickly got what he needed, checked out, and then waited for his woman.  Apparently he got bored and had the munchies, so he selected a bag of potato chips, opened it, and began scarfing them down.  He must have eaten close to half the bag before he wandered back up to the counter, rolled the bag of chips up and informed us that they were nasty and he didn’t like them.  Both my co-worker and myself let him know that he would still have to pay for them.  So then his stupid woman came up to the counter to pay for her items.  After ringing up her final item, I asked if they wanted his chips added to her order or if they wanted to do it as a separate transaction.  And I swear to God, that woman lost her shit over my insistence that the moron man needed to pay for the chips–for fuck’s sake, the way she was carrying on, you would have thought I was bitch-slapping babies or something!  Total meltdown!  The bitch went nuclear.  Ranted and raved all the way out the door and to their car in the parking lot.  Seriously, wth?

I was kind of pretty awesome tonight…well, sort of,  I managed to be all sociable and stuff, for, like, a lot of hours!  I got to hang out at Brian and Jess’ house with Jason and Rose,Brenden, Bitter Boy and Nessa and Amy and, of course, Brian and Jess.  We grilled some steaks and played a tiny bit of Cards Against Humanity and, in case you were wondering, we are pretty much the awesomest players ever.  Had so much fun–great food, awesome game, hilarious friends, vicious bugs, and evil-eyed chickens–all made for a truly awesome night!

Sorry folks, this blogger is literally falling asleep sitting here trying to finish this post.  It’s not going to happen.  I totally suck and all, but I will have to finish this after work tomorrow…today…whatever.

Until then, peace out!


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