I Am So The Queen Of Live-Action Tetris!


So I pretty much kick ass.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I will rarely give myself kudos for much of anything, but today I totally rocked.  I managed to get 3 bookcases, my dresser, and my full size bed to fit in my little bedroom!  My poor aunt thought I had lost my marbles when I told her of my plan, repeatedly saying she just couldn’t see how it could possibly work the way I thought it would.  But I did it!  Tom and Zaya and Micah did the manual labor part, putting stuff wherever I wanted it, and my idea worked out pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.  Tom insisted I announce that it was my plan, he and the boys were just the muscle.  I do owe a HUGE thank you to Jamie and Jason for bringing my stuff here, and to Tom and the boys for giving up a large chunk of their Saturday to help me with this!  You guys totally rock and I love you to the moon and back!  (Special thanks to Zaya for be completely helpful and uncomplaining and overall just awesome!  And it made my day that such a good kid thinks I’m awesome.  And loved our car conversation!)  God, it is sooooo nice to have my bed back!  No more fighting with my bed hog cat for space or waking up without a pillow because he shoved me off so he could lay on my pillow–now he has his own damn pillow again.

When I got to work yesterday, my boss showed me a picture of the surprise she got on her car.  A FREAKING BAT WAS STUCK TO HER CAR Y’ALL!!  Seriously, I would have freaked the fuck out.  We’re talking flapping hands, girly screeching, and probably tears and loss of consciousness.  It is a fairly well-known fact that I do not deal with bats very well.  I mean, logically, I know bats are relatively harmless and whatnot, and I don’t have any problem with bats at a zoo or on t.v.  But the second one of those little bastards start being all batty anywhere near me, logical thought straight up abandons my sorry ass. So anyway, my boss found the bat caught in the seam thingy on the side of her car, its wing just all kinds of stuck there.  So she used our broom to knock the little carcass off her car…and into our parking lot!  Of course, knowing how shady bats are, I went to verify that it was dead and not just faking it, lying in wait for some unsuspecting employee to come along so it can eat their face off.  Thankfully, it was really and truly dead, so yay for that.  Wait, that sounded a bit harsh I think, what I meant was…well, honestly, I suppose I did mean yay.  I suck as a human being.

Randomosity:  My poor fuzzbutt cat is having trouble getting on and off my bed, since it’s on risers and has a box spring to boot.  The people who make these damn ASPCA commercials are evil geniuses, picking all those sad pictures and throwing some nice, depressingly perfect song in for that soul-crushing guilt-trip.  Diabolical bastards.  Today was actually a pretty great day, despite asthma tantrums and other issues.  Only bad thing is, now I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, run over by a bus, and beaten with a brick.  But damn my bed is comfy.

Toodles All!


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