Annoying Bell-Ringers, A Cowboy Boot Counselor, Life Without A Cell Phone, And Other Tidbits Of Nuttiness


So tonight at work we had a lovely customer that barely made it out of the store without getting a black eye.  Krystal was helping a woman at the cigarette case when this delightful twit woman came up to the register.  She plopped her stuff down and the counter, looked over at Krystal, saw she was helping another customer, and proceeded to ring the stupid bell anyway.  Then, when Krystal told her she would be with her when she finished helping the customer at the cigarette case, the twit got all huffy, sighing and looking exceedingly inconvenienced and such.  Then she was further disgruntled when she realized she would have to wait for the other customer to be checked out first.  People are unbelievably rude.  And stupid.  I also had a few awesome encounters myself this evening.  Like the chick who saw I was struggling to carry something in from outside, then proceeded to just saunter in front of me and mosey into the store.  And the idiots that saw me heading into an aisle with the push broom and came into the aisle, planted themselves right in the path of the broom, then casually took their time to decide exactly which cookies they needed, refusing to acknowledge my presence even when I said excuse me and tried to slip past them.  Seriously?  What the hell is wrong with people?!?

I met with my new counselor today.  He was all professionally dressed and such of course, but he did have some schnazzy cowboy boots on.  I’ve never had a counselor that wears cowboy boots, which became one of those monkey brain type things, where my brain latches onto irrelevant details and refuses to let go.  I started thinking about the fact that he wears cowboy boots and that none of my previous counselors ever wore them, then I started to wonder why they didn’t, like, did they dislike cowboy boots, or maybe they think they’re uncomfortable.  And then I had to try to remember what type of shoes the others wore, which of course I couldn’t, which then made me all irked and such, cuz then I was all, “well if I don’t remember what they wore, how do I know for sure they didn’t wear cowboy boots?”  And then I started thinking about how I would totally wear pink cowboy boots and then I wondered where I could find boots like the ones I saw at Kmart a couple years ago, the cute ones with the fringe.  I really liked those boots.

So, this may shock folks, but I have been without my phone since Tuesday, and won’t be putting minutes back on it until Friday–and I didn’t die!  Of course, it helps that no one ever really calls me or texts me and that I don’t really call or text anyone, since I don’t want to bother folks, and I figure if they wanted to talk/text, they would contact me.  Honestly, part of me would be okay with just not having the stupid phone anymore.  But, since it is the only long distance access I have, I don’t think that’s an option.

Randomosity:  I love watching American Ninja Warrior, though it does make me feel even more ungraceful than I usually do.  When I see them jumping and climbing and swinging and all that, all I can think is how much my hospital bills would be if I even attempted these things.  I totally want the blanket we got in at work–it’s the super softest blanket ever!  Liam Neeson is pretty bad ass really.  Why is it that losers and creepy dudes are the ones most likely to hit on me?  Like, do I give off some bizarre vibe that makes losers and creepers think I would welcome their oh so tacky come-ons?  Seriously, it’s like I have some sort of freak magnet or something!  Geesh!  I watched some pretty good movies yesterday, White House Down and Premium Rush and The Impossible (which I have watched, like, 10 times now).  Only a little over a month before my show starts up again!  I got an Oriental Trading catalog in the mail and it has zombie rubber duckies and these nifty little zombie dudes that ‘climb’ down the wall and a zombie gnome and a zombie game thingy!  I should really try to get another work shirt from the Walmart in Marion, since they’re on clearance and all.  EEEEWWWWW!  The show they’re advertising on t.v. right now is some sort of whacked out cooking show and they just held up lamb meat from hell–it was completely intact except the skin had been removed!  It was so creepy looking!  I personally do not want to eat meat that still looks like the animal, and I REALLY don’t want to know what it’s name was, even if it was an asshole, I do not want to know!  Of course, I prefer to eat poultry most of the time, which is less upsetting since I don’t particularly care for turkeys or chickens cuz they’re smelly and kinda mean and deep down they all want to eat our faces off.

That’s all folks!


2 thoughts on “Annoying Bell-Ringers, A Cowboy Boot Counselor, Life Without A Cell Phone, And Other Tidbits Of Nuttiness

  1. Chickens do not want to eat your face off. They just want to give a little chicken-y kiss… repeatedly. They aren’t bright, so they forgot that they’ve done this, hence the need to repeat it many times. Turkeys are almost as dumb. Geese are the ones you want to watch out for. They DO want to eat your face off. Geese are pretty generally anti-social and have pretty negative self images, so they want to take it out on everyone else.
    I don’t wear cowboy boots in session. I try to make my shoes match my outfit, so occasionally I will have on a nice pair of flats unless I’m feeling particularly good about myself that day and then I’ll wear a flashy pair of strappy stilettos heels. I have noticed that when I wear them, I don’t generally get a lot of progress from my clients on those days. I think they’re jealous.

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    • Chickens totally want to eat people’s faces off! You are in denial, my bitter friend. I have seen the homicidal gleam shining deep within their beady little diabolical minds! And just what do you think they’re always muttering about when they are carrying on to one another in chicken-speak?? They are plotting your demise, my friend! And I am well aware of the fact that geese are also murderous beasts, intent on destroying any poor person who gets in their way. Geese are bastards.


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