I Wonder What, Exactly, A Toad Shops For


Apparently, my boss found a toad in our store this morning (which she scooped into a basket and released outside).  We were contemplating how the little feller got inside and I suggested he just hopped in behind some random customer.  And, my brain being my brain, I immediately began to wonder what the toad had wanted from the store.  Like, did he just hop in to pick up some milk, or maybe a snack or something, then found himself unable to get out?  Then, of course, I tried to decide what the store would have that would be toad-worthy, since, in all reality, a thing of milk would be a bit too big for a little toad to carry.  Then I realized I’m not entirely sure what toads like.  Like, I’m pretty sure they eat bugs and such, which we definitely do not sell, though we do have several spiders that I would totally be okay with our toad friend devouring.  I then started to wonder if any of the toy cars would be his size, you know, like in The Mouse And The Motorcycle or whatever it was called.  So then I was picturing this little toad zooming around the store on a little ATV toy, which made me giggle.  Then it dawned on me that I had spent an awful lot of time contemplating the whole toad thing, which was decidedly a tad odd, so I derailed that train of thought and moved on to other, less bizarre topics.

In less than an hour, my pal Tom will come and pick me up and take me to the hospital so they can stick a camera down my throat and into my guts again.  And Tom, knowing how un-warm-and-fuzzy I feel about staying somewhere that isn’t home, actually chose to get up at 4-something this morning, drive 25 minutes to my house, pick me up, drive me to the hospital (which is pretty close to his house), chill while I have the camera thing done, then drive me home, then go home.  I fully expected to have to stay over at their house, since it’s so close and much less of a hassle and such, but he was rather insistent that he would do it this way.  So, he pretty much has to win friend of the year for this one.  Or he needs committed.  It could go either way really.

Randomosity:  I actually repainted my toenails tonight, finally.  Went with pink, with glitter, of course.  I wonder if it would look groovy if I hung my zombie posters on the ceiling.  I think I picked out one of my pal Caron’s bday gifts today, so yay me!  I hope everything goes okay on Friday with the big sale thing we’re having.  Oh yeah, I was so miffed tonight!  I went to wear my oh-so-adorable fuzzy-wuzzy owl jammie pants, and they have a hole in them!  I haven’t even gotten to wear them yet, and they have a stupid hole in them!  I’m hoping I can beg Becky or Krystal to sew them for me.  If they can’t, I may have to try to do it myself, and that will not end well.  My friend Noodle is a kick-ass photographer by the way.  I really miss my Ibuprofen.  The really annoying thing about that is that I’m not even sure I was supposed to stop taking in for the last couple days, I just followed the directions they gave me the last time I had this procedure done.  I better not find out that I didn’t need to stop taking it, or I will be all sorts of disgruntled and stuff.  I bet a hedgehog with a mohawk would be really adorable.  Well, I better go get ready to go.



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