A Broken Stomach, Radioactive Eggs, And Other Delights


So I went to have the whole camera down your throat thing done, apparently so they could check on my ulcer and make sure it didn’t invite any friends over or whatever.  Well, apparently, they couldn’t do the check up thing because the food I had eaten over 8 hours earlier was still in my stomach, which is apparently not a good thing.  So when I woke up, I was told that, more or less, my stomach is broken and I have to go and have a test thing done to see what the hell is up with my stomach’s apparent boycott or whatever.  This test, which I have to have, like, asap, sounds all sorts of fun.  First, I have to do the whole no eating/drinking for a zillion years thing, then I have to go to the hospital, eat toast and radioactive eggs, have a bit of water, then have scan thingies done on my guts every half hour for the first 2/2.5 hours, then another one done at the 4 hour mark so they can figure out whatever it is they’re trying to figure out about my digestion.  So, not only do I get to eat radioactive eggs, which seems a tad on the unsafe-ish side, but I also get to hang out there for FOUR FRICKIN’ HOURS y’all!  Oh, and then I get to go to my new pulmonologist doc right after that test.  Fun-filled day, right?!?  Did I mention they’re feeding me RADIOACTIVE eggs?  It will be tough, but try to contain your jealousy.  On the bright side, glowing in the dark could be kinda neat!

Sorry I didn’t blog the last couple days, but Thursday was devoted to the camera thing, followed by, like, 12 hours of sleep.  I woke up for a few hours, then went back to sleep.  Then yesterday I had to work and when I got home I was all tired and shit, so I didn’t even open my laptop.  Being me is apparently very exhausting.

Randomosity:  My cat still has fleas.  I fucking hate fleas with an all consuming passion.  My stupid foot is being beyond annoyingly stupid and bizarrely painful and such, and I totally want to punch it or something, but I doubt that would help things much.  Flea medicine is expensive by the way.  Of course, everything is expensive when you’re poor as shit.  It was rather crazy at work last night because of the sale, so I spent most of the night helping out on the register or answering dumb questions or putting stuff back where it belonged.  Well, I have a Skype date with a very adorable 6 year old, who is exceedingly excited to Skype with her tantie, so I better get off of here so I’m ready for her call.

Peace out!


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