Yet Another Baby Shower, Stupid People–They’re Inescapable, And Other Completely Irrelevant Stuff


Well, once again, I had to go and be somewhat social and such.  My cousin Craig is truly a rather spiffy sort of fellow, so I just couldn’t weasel out of the baby shower, since it’s Craig’s baby and all.  Immediately after walking in, my pro-solitude spidey senses started tingling and such.  I realized that I didn’t know a lot of the people there, which, of course, caused me a teeny bit of anxiety.  Okay, maybe a not-so teeny bit.  Okay, maybe it freaked me the fuck out.  So I spent a lot of time wandering the room, checking out the pictures hanging on the walls (which was just awesome fort me, since the shower was at this bow-hunter place, which means all the pictures contained at least one dead animal and one or more people proudly presenting their…um…kill? Achievement? Whatever.)  Or I was annoyingly attaching myself to the people I did know.  I do want to thank Gayle , who saw me doing my little avoidance thing, and made a point of chatting with me for a bit, which helped.  I did discover something interesting today though–sometimes a baby’s head can be freaky!  There were, like, 4 babies at this shower thingy today, which did nothing to help my freaked outedness.  So anyway, I happened to notice that one of the babies had something weird going on with his head.  There was this, like, fault line thing leading up to his very visible soft spot.  I am proud to say I didn’t actually start shrieking and screeching that it appeared his head may be trying to morph into something else or something.  It was super freaky.  I don’t care that folks were laughing at me for finding it totally creepy, it was, damn it!  Now, I know some folks would be all butt-hurt that I’m kind of pretty much saying something about this poor baby.  Yeah, those folks can bite me.  It’s not like I was smacking the poor little guy or anything, and I’m not making fun of him.  It’s just that I found his head rather unnerving.  Probably he’ll have a perfectly fine head when he’s a bit bigger.  God, I sure hope so.  Poor fella, with his weird little skull thing going on.  On the plus side, my little cousin’s head seems nice and un-scary!  And he is really quite cute.  And rather surprisingly tiny, seeing as how his dad is a rather un-small sort of guy.

Honestly, I expect to encounter stupid people at work, and I am depressingly not let down in this respect.  Like the idiot girl that stood right in the middle of the aisle, watching me push the big, heavy, honking, unwieldy cart thing right at her while trying to put it away.  She just stood there, looking stupid, while I’m battling that stupid cart.  So I had to skid to a stop, which is nowhere near easy or fun, and say “excuse me” a couple times before she finally moseyed out of the way.  I was sorely tempted to just run her over but, strangely, that’s frowned upon.  Anyway, I expect these sorts of encounters at work.  However, considering how dedicatedly I avoid going in public, I don’t really expect to encounter this much beyond work.  Today I was forced to deal with stupidity when I was attempting to check out at Walmart.  Now, I know that Walmart is kind of teeming with stupidity.  But I rarely have to deal with it since I get in and out of there as fast as possible.  Ah, but today, I got to the register without encountering anyone, let alone anyone overflowing with stupid.  But then, I got to deal with the cashier.  So this bonehead rings up one item, then turns to the coworker leaning over her little register wall thingy, and starts chatting with her.  Now, I have talked to coworkers or other customers while ringing up a sale at work, but I did not stop working to chat!  This moron just ceased working while talking to the other worker.  I was buying 3 damn things, and she took FOREVER to get around to ringing them up, making sure to stop and chat between each item and again while I was waiting to pay.  Seriously?  What the hell?!?  Stupid people–they’re everywhere!

Randomosity: The dude on this episode of Lock Up wears glasses that have one normal lens and one super cloudy-looking lens.  It’s bugging the hell out of me, I mean, he has a pretty severe lazy eye, so maybe the glasses are supposed to be like that, but it’s just weird-looking.  Like he needs to clean the lens really bad or something.  I can’t believe I have to have a physical.  I haven’t had a physical since I don’t know when.  A long time ago though.  I heard the neatest name the other day.  This little dude’s name was Tazikiah (pretty sure that’s right anyway) and his nickname was Tazzy.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I should really get around to watching Game Of Thrones and Castle soon, since I’m sure Rae will want them back someday.  Oh, and the Chucky movie I borrowed from Cat.  Damn, I am really bad at remembering to watch stuff.  I still have, like, 10 hours of stuff to watch on the DVR too.  And instead of watching any of that, I’m watching Lock Up. Again.  If I had a dog, I’d totally give it nifty haircuts and maybe a nice (totally doggy safe) dye job.    I need a printer.  I am totally going to get some adorable super fuzzy boot things this winter.  I think I’m going to get a lawn gnome and zombify it.  And I want to get some old dolls/barbies to zombify too.  It would be super fun I think.  Spell check is stupid–it totally tried to tell me that zombify isn’t a word, which is totally is!  It’s like I have to do all the work here, spell check dictionary!  I wonder why Depends is starting to have so many commercials that make it look like all the cool kids wear Depends or something.  It’s weird.

Ta-ta folks!


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