I Do Love Cheesy Horror Movies, And Other Delights


I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love cheesy horror movies.  Like, seriously, the cheesier the better.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am under no delusions that these movies are actually GOOD or anything.  They’re horrible.  But oh so entertaining.  And I’m not talking about the truly god-awful crap filled with horrendous acting, tragically heinous plots, distinctly unspecial effects, and all that–those are NOT delightfully cheesy, they’re just plain unforgivably bad.  The good ones wisely refrain from taking themselves too seriously and relish their tackiness.  Day of the Dead 2 Contagium is a perfect example.  So cheesy and tacky and bizarre–love it!

Work was less annoying than usual tonight.  Worked with Krystal, which is always a bonus.  I did get a tad annoyed when Krystal went on break and suddenly, everyone and their cousin decided they needed to come in and buy shit right then.  I had, like, 3 people in line.  A little old lady had to write a check, which I had to enter in manually, of course.  By the time I got her all checked out, I had close to 7 people in line.  Then, of course, I had a customer that had to dig through her purse to find enough change to pay for her crap, which took FOREVER.  Luckily, Krystal came in, clocked back in, helped me out, then clocked back out to  finish that last little bit of her break.  Which was awesome of her!  Other than that though, the night went pretty well.  So yay for that and such.

Randomosity:  DHS sucks.  Apparently, it’s acceptable to be unemployed while receiving food stamps, but if you are employed, you have to average 20 hours a week.  Between my health issues and stingy payroll, I do not average 20 hours a week.  So I have to go to my doctor and have her write out some stupid paper thingy, then have my boss write out something, then fax the papers into the DHS chick, all in the hopes that I will somehow be able to keep getting food stamps.  The whole thing is absolutely ridiculously stupid.  Who ever heard of someone being too poor to qualify for food stamps??  I’m so happy I got my fuzzy owl jammie pants fixed–thank you Krystal!!  So naked pistachios are way easier to eat.  I was so excited to find out naked pistachios did, in fact, exist!(thanks to a random shopper at Walmart who heard me complaining about how hard it is to crack the shell sometimes and how I thought they should totally just sell naked pistachios, which I looked for but didn’t find because apparently my observational skills suck since they were  right there with the other pistachios.)  Handy horror movie survival tip–if someone runs past you, screaming like a terrified school girl, covered in blood, you might not want to go see what scared them.  In other words, do not walk towards whatever it is that made them run away screaming, instead, follow their example and get the hell out of there.  Just saying.  I totally want to get one of the goofy moose/reindeer thingies we have at work.  They’re a hoot!

Ta-ta all!


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