Babies, Birthday Parties, A Bar, Social Interactions, Gilligan’s Island, And More Delightful Detritus


I spent, like, 2 hours or so in close proximity to a baby, which usually ends badly for both me and whatever baby happens to find itself near me.  As I may have mentioned, babies do not dig me as a general rule.  I don’t know if it’s the sight of my freakishly large head or if they are like dogs and can smell fear, all I know is they usually start shrieking if I get too close or, god forbid, I attempt to hold them.  To be entirely honest, they just kinda freak me out.  The second a baby starts crying, I have the urge to run away screaming.  I never know what’s wrong or how to make it better or anything.  So anyway, I held this baby and chatted with him and such–and HE DIDN’T CRY!  He laughed and waved his chubby little arms and kicked his chubby little legs and all that the whole time!  My baby cousin, Jaxon (I am probably spelling that wrong), totally dug me!  Perhaps it was because he too has a rather sizable noggin.  Doesn’t really matter, I’m just psyched I didn’t make him cry, not even a little bit!  Oh, and I have another new baby cousin and her name is Hadley Jade.  Sounds like her arrival was a bit beyond rough for both her and her mom, but it appears both made it through alright, so it’s all good.  Getting awful hard to keep all these new baby cousins straight!

I had two, count them, TWO, birthday parties to attend Saturday.  My little cousins’ party was in the afternoon and consisted of little girls shrieking and balloons popping and chatting with my cousins and playing with the amazing non-crying baby and more little girls shrieking and arguing and such. And, as long as I made sure to shift to the least crowded room according to the shifting of the crowd, it really wasn’t too “eeeek! people! argh!” or anything.  And then I had to go to my buddy Caron’s party that night.  I went to a bar y’all!  For over two hours, I hung out at a bar.  With people!  And I didn’t even freak out or die or anything!  Okay, a couple times I started to get a bit freaked, but I managed to soldier through for a half hour longer than I had been shooting for.  I think it made Caron quite happy to have me there, so it was totally worth it.  And I totally actually talked to a few people I didn’t know!  And there were two ladies there, a mother and daughter, and I couldn’t remember their names at first.  So I kept repeating, “Ginger is watching the Dawn of day on Gilligan’s Island.”  Then I could remember that their names were Dawn and Ginger, which is probably a bizarre and rather silly way to remember them, but it worked, so I don’t care.  And I got to meet Caron’s new boyfriend (technically, I met him way back in high school, but I don’t really remember all that all that well, it totally doesn’t count) and see her dad, whom I haven’t seen in ages.  And I got to see Brenda, and my old boss, Jules, and got into a rather heated discussion with Brenda and Ginger over whether I have a butt or not.  Which I totally do have a butt, and a rather sizable one at that, darn it!  Why I felt the need to defend the largeness of my ass is beyond me, but I just had to defend it’s existence and such.  I also got dragged onto what passes for a dance floor there by Caron and Brenda,but I just couldn’t dance, since I was fairly sure I looked like a giant in munchkinland standing with those two.  Lord I felt freakishly tall next to them!  And I would like to say one thing about karaoke: if someone starts ‘singing’ and everyone in the bar cringes, TURN OFF THE DAMN MIC!  Don’t these people have friends?  Why does no one stop them from getting up there and screeching their tragically horrendous rendition of some poor defenseless song??  Truly distressing, listening to these people.  Overall though, it was pretty fun.

Randomosity:  I’m fairly certain that this channel, FX, lied to me last week.  I could swear they said the season finale of The Strain was tonight, but it’s not until next week!  I have been deceived!  And, in case you’re wondering, I was not mistaken, they totally lied to me and promised a season finale and then didn’t show it!  Not that this episode wasn’t good, cause it totally was, just rather disgruntled about the whole finale thing.  Oh well, at least I still have one more to look forward to.  And then, like a week later, it’s time for The Walking Dead again!  Whoot whoot!  Can not wait!  I’m totally jealous that Sierra is going to do the whole The Birds costume for Halloween, but kinda super ‘I know someone that awesome’ proud at the same time.  Ever since I saw Darlene sport that costume on an episode of Roseanne, I thought it was the coolest costume idea in the history of ever.  Like, even better than when Caron and I taped cereal boxes to ourselves and put knives in them and went as cereal killers, which was awesome too, but not as awesome as the whole bird idea.  Close though.  Two more nights of work, a day of doc appointments and arranging stuff, most of one day to lounge and relax and suchafter my counseling appointment, then 4 days of work.  Makes me tired just thinking about it really.  And achy.  And a bit whiny.  I think I may get to go visit the family for a few days at the end of October/beginning of November!  Or in November.  Hope I can get it all figured out and be able to go.  I miss them tons and I won’t get to see them during the holidays, so it really just has to work out, damn it!

Peace out!


4 thoughts on “Babies, Birthday Parties, A Bar, Social Interactions, Gilligan’s Island, And More Delightful Detritus

  1. The Bday Girl

    Hell ya I was excited to see you, pretty sure I abt knocked you over when u walked in!! Ty so much for coming out. I’m glad u met Travis ❤ I hope he met ur standards@!@


  2. longchaps2

    You’re right, FX lied. They DID say it was the season finale . We sat there with looks of “huh?” on our faces when they dropped the bombshell that the season finale was the FOLLOWING week. Yeah, thanks FX. Great blog!


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