Stitch Free And Full Of Snot


My stupid, annoying stitches are finally gone!!  Whoot whoot bitches!  Finally, my hair is parted fairly straight-ish! In other words, it is back to normal, since it’s never parted, like, perfectly straight.  And having the stupid stitches taken out didn’t hurt in the least.  The only time it sort of almost came close to being remotely ouch-ish was when the nurse had to clean the area.  My plan was to wash my hair vigorously as soon as I got home, since the damn stitches made it virtually impossible to adequately lather, rinse, repeat since my hair is so thick and snarky and all.  But that didn’t happen.  Instead, when I got home, I put on my jammies and crawled into bed.  And I slept for a few hours, woke up fr an hour or so, then slept some more, then woke up for a couple hours, then slept even more.  Why, you ask?  Well, and this is gonna shock the hell out of my dear friends and family, it seems I finally got my Fall creeping crud cold crap.  First came the sinus crud, now it’s attempting to take up residency in my chest.  In short, I am a sniffling, coughing mass of misery.  Which didn’t get really annoying until my asthma decided to start throwing the random wheeze into the mix.  Anyhow, I figure my sleep fest yesterday stemmed from the whole sick thing.  My damn sinuses feel like I have a gallon of snot crammed in there, which is not only gross and rather unpleasant, but also very damn annoying!  And yes folks, my delightful barking cough is obnoxiously present.  Yay.

Randomosity:  I must say, I was down right shocked when the only evidence of stolen stuff I came across at work tonight were an empty undies hanger and some candy wrappers.  The cardiologist dude on the e.r. show I just watched just said, “winner winner chicken dinner” when he finished a surgery, which kind of made me giggle.  I am so glad I have the next three days off!  My plans for my days off?  Not doing a darn thing Thursday, laundry and vacuuming on Friday and then going through my stuff at Rae’s, which shouldn’t be too awful.  Did you know, if you mix every single kind of liquid in your house together in an old coffee can (and I do mean every liquid, from bleach to beer to pickle juice to milk, etc etc etc), then panic when you realize you don’t know what to do with it, then dump it in a random spot in the back yard, a year later there will be a perfect circle of dead grass, which no one will believe was caused by aliens?  Which is just unfair, since it could almost pass for the small beginnings of a very small crop circle.  Sort of.  In the right light anyway.  From just the right angle. I totally want an air fryer thingy.  You know, the new thing that’s like a deep-fat fryer, but with air or whatever, so it’s way less bad for you and such!  I had a hamster once, his name was Battique S. Bandit Esq, and he used to hang upside down from the top of his cage a lot.  Unfortunately, he also fell a lot, which usually knocked him senseless for a bit.  Eventually, he got a better cage that didn’t have any bars on top for him to hang from, which was good and all, but I think he may have had a bit of brain damage by that time ’cause he would sometimes just stop whatever he was doing and stare off into space, twitching slightly.  And he would stay that way for, like, 5 minutes, then he would kind of jerk a bit, look around all freaked out looking, then go back to whatever activity he had been doing before his little episode.  Does anyone else find that life insurance commercial where the old lady says, “don’t let my age, or the fact that I just got life insurance, fool you” a tad ridiculous?  Or the one where the old dude hurts his arm falling off a ladder, and his daughter is all, “omg, you have to get life insurance”?  I mean, seriously?  Who comes up with this shit?  Whoever it is, they’re definitely making more money than me, and that just doesn’t seem right.

Toodaloo Kangaroos!


I’m Not A Key Whisperer, Damn It!


So there was a lady in our store today that lost her car keys.  Some random chick stops me while I’m heading down the aisle to put something away, and she barks, “This lady has lost her keys!”, like, two or three times.  After I finished blinking at her for such astounding douche-iness, I walked over to the woman who was frantically digging in her purse in search of her keys.  I asked her what areas of the store she had been in.  She pointed to a couple places, then trailed off and resumed digging in her purse.  So I went to the areas she had pointed out and looked for keys.  When I didn’t find them in either place, I proceeded to walk through the entire store, checking the floors and glancing at the shelves and such.  No keys.  I realized I didn’t see or hear the key searcher lady anymore, so I went back to what I had been doing before the whole key fiasco.  A few minutes later, I hear the key woman on her phone, complaining that “I asked the workers for help but no one will help me find my keys!”  Now, I got a bit miffed at that, I must say.  First of all, I did try to help her.  Secondly, I AM NOT A DAMN KEY WHISPERER!  Working there does not give me some sort of super secret special key finding skills, for cryin’ in the sink!  It is not in my job description to keep track of your shit.  I have enough stuff to do, finding your keys is NOT on my list of daily duties.  Eventually, she did find her stupid keys.  All by her self even.  Good grief.

For your entertainment, I will now list some of the weird, annoying shit I encountered this evening: one maimed hot pink plush monkey (actually, I only found his poor little monkey arm, I never did find the rest of the maimed little monkey), yet another empty package signifying more M.I.A. glow-in-the-dark rubber-ish dog poop, one pajama set missing the pants, one pajama set missing the shirt (and no, they are not the same sort of pajama sets), one pair of toddler shorts that I am fairly certain is part of a set even though I couldn’t find the shirt, an empty package of car air fresheners, and the hidden stash of crap a very annoying child tried to hide away so he can make sure no one else gets it.  This particular child, and his mother, annoy the ever loving fuck out of me, you know, ’cause I’m kind of evil like that.  He’s always pestering everyone and whining and such, and his mom talks to us like we are her best friends/adoring groupies or something.  I really hate people.

Okay, so last night I was all social and such again.  Crazy, right?  Go me!  So anyway, I went and hung out with Tom and Noodle and Jess and Brian and Brenden and Zayah and Micah and Amy.  Rose and Jason were supposed to go too, but they clearly don’t love us, so they stayed home.  Once again, we ate lots of yummy food and then played Cards Against Humanity.  I love that game!  I learn something new every time I play, which makes me feel rather embarrassed and slick and such, since I didn’t know what these words or phrases or terminologies meant, which made me feel awkward, but I made sure to find out, which is totally slick and such.  I’m going to list a few of these little nuggets of awesomely awkward gold, but keep in mind, my friends are some sick and twisted folks.  So, here goes: Cleveland steamer, The rusty trombone, queefing, glory holes, and fleshy fun bridge.  I also found it rather delightful that I totally knew what autocannibalism would be, if it were a word, which apparently it isn’t, since the Webster site claims it doesn’t exist in any form.  Which is kind of bogus, seeing as it’s pretty much one of the most bad-ass terminologies ever.  I suppose it doesn’t matter what Webster says, since I make up words all the time anyway.  As for the stuff listed above, feel free to Google it, though I would suggest avoiding pictures and definitely stay away from videos.  Just sayin’.

Randomosity:  I don’t think I could ever pull off extensions.  I mean, my hair is pretty much one-of-a-kind and difficult and such, so I just don’t think I could ever get extensions that would blend in with it well enough to be believable.  I think i popped a stitch tonight, but I’m not sure, you know, ’cause i can’t see the top of my own head and all.  I have tried to catch a glimpse in the mirror, but all I manage to do is make my head hurt and my eyes feel all crossy and such.  I cannot wait until Tuesday so i can get these damn stitches out. I wonder, how is telling a girl she’s “thicker than a bowl of oatmeal” a compliment?  Because it truly sounded like the dude on this prison show meant it as a compliment.  Oh, apparently it means she has a big bahookey, but in a good way…or something.  I really loathe the person/people who came up with the whole mismatched socks are cool thing.  The idea of buying a package of socks that contains no matching pairs, is just insane to me.  I’m pretty sure that if I tried to wear mismatched socks, my eye would twitch so bad people would think I was having a seizure or something.  It’s just not right, y’all, socks are meant to match.  I really want to get Chloe the stuffed Olaf we have at work, but I’m fairly certain my sis would strangle me if I spent $20 on a stuffed snowman.  But it would make Chloe super happy!  I think I’ll have to give this some serious consideration.  I’m totally psyched to finish up this post, snag some supper, and snuggle in to watch tonights episode of The Walking Dead!

Over and out!

I’m Pretty Sure It Was A Compliment And Such


So I guess I’m kind of a snot.  Or maybe a snob.  Can’t quite remember which one the meds lady called me today while she was cracking up over one of my people-suck stories.  I’m sure she meant it as a compliment, especially since she seemed to be quite amused by my story of the annoying old lady and by my description of the idiotic coworker.  The truth is though, I really kind of am a snobby snot.  The majority of people drive me bat-shit and I often find myself fantasizing about punching them or throwing things at them.  Anyway, I went to my appointment with the medicine lady that takes care of my anxiety/depression/etc meds, which was awesome since I have been without my most important medicine for weeks.  Which was super sucky because this medicine is the one that helps not just my anxiety and depression and whatnot, it also makes my fibromyalgia suck less, so this is the one that pretty much keeps me from being COMPLETELY miserable.  And the stupid insurance folks have been refusing to allow me the 2 tablets a day that I have been taking for years, insisting I only need 1 tablet a day.  Luckily, my medicine lady rocks and she is making it possible for me to get the medicine I need, so those rotten insurance folks can just cram it!

Randomosity:  Walmart online photo thingy kinda sucks.  They told me my order would take a couple days when I was placing the order, then told me it would be a couple weeks after my order was placed and assured me I would receive an email informing me when the pics would be available at the store.  They lied.  No email was sent, and apparently the pics have been there for days, waiting for me to pick them up.  Very annoying.  Tom Savini is just a bad-ass dude.  Getting pretty excited about my whole being social thing coming up on Saturday.  Not even sure what exactly I am doing, just know that Tom and Noodle and Rosie and all them folks will be there, there being, I think, Jess and Brian’s house.  I think it’s Brian’s birthday, but I’m not positive.  Gosh, I hope I’m spelling Brian correctly, but I keep thinking I’m totally spelling it wrong.  Not that he’ll know or anything, since I don’t think he’ll probably ever read this, but it’s kind of bugging me.  I miss Galli, but I am glad he likes living with Nia and Stacey.  Even if he does like Stacey better than me.  I think it would be awesome for Chloe to live close to a Gigi’s Playhouse and I hope it can happen for her sooner rather than later.  For anyone who doesn’t know what a Gigi’s Playhouse is, it’s a great resource for families of kids/people with Down Syndrome– they have family nights and play groups and various educational programs, all of which I think would be great for my Chloe-oh.  I do miss my little Chloe-oh.  I’ve really got to remember to send Elise and Alex their stuff this week.  God, I am a horrible aunt!  I meant to send it way back at the very end of August!  And I’ve got to get Dany’s xmas present picked up this week–there’s only a few left at Walmart!  MY cat totally needs one of those costumes where it looks like he’s got a little cowbay riding on his back, just ’cause it would be rather amusing and such.  FYI: it is NOT okay to allow your toddler to wander around a store, dragging things off shelves and leaving stuff all over the floor, while you and the other adult continue shopping several aisles away from the child.  Nor is it acceptable to throw your receipt at a cashier just because you are too stupid to read it and figure out the math for yourself.  I think I’ll have to buy new tennis shoes with my tax money this spring.  I really, really, really, really hope I can pick up my watch this weekend.  I’m so tired of looking at my poor, naked wrist, like, 50 times a day because I keep forgetting I don’t have my watch anymore!  I totally need a cute pair of warm and fuzzy boot/slipper type things.

That is all.

The Promised Pics


Here are the pics of Tien showing off his cheer-up-my-sick-little-buddy presents I brought him the other night.

Goofy glasses with a big ol' schnauz complete with a gob of slime snot stuff!  Made him giggle...a lot.

Goofy glasses with a big ol’ schnauz complete with a gob of slime snot stuff! Made him giggle…a lot.

Tien lookin' dashing in his giant mustache!

Tien lookin’ dashing in his giant mustache!

I was going for debonair and dashing, not super sure I was entirely successful.  Not too bad though, right?? lol

I was going for debonair and dashing, not super sure I was entirely successful. Not too bad though, right?? lol

That’s all for tonight, seeing as I stayed home all day and didn’t do much of anything except some laundry and a skype call with the always awesome Chloe.  Granted, the washing machine did try to attack me, which was a tad alarming.  Some might say it got unbalanced or whatever, but I am convinced it was totally trying to kill me.  It’s vicious!


201 Posts, Bestie Necklaces, I Really Hate People, And Other Pointless Drivel


This is post 201.  Can you believe that shit?  And apparently, to celebrate my 200th post, my views went bonkers!  I went from 2 days of 2 views to a day with 70+ views!  Once again, I am baffled, yet pleased, of course.  I think it’s amusing that wordpress sends a little whoot-whoot type message if you get a lot of views in a day or a lot of likes or reach a certain number of posts. It’s like they want to send you a little warm fuzzy or something.  Totally groovy, that.

So I have been threatened with bestie necklaces, a truly vile threat indeed.  It may not sound like a bad thing, but, trust me, it is.  See, the ‘bestie’ that would be wearing the other half of this set of necklaces is most definitely NOT my bestie.  The day I met her, she informed me that we were going to be best friends.  Yeah, not so much.  I’ve felt more connected to rotting road kill than to her.  And the dear woman threatening me to get us these revolting necklaces knows very well how very much I don’t care for this person.  Man this would be so much easier if I could use names.  Although, I suppose Mariah would be okay with me using her name, since she thinks she’s hilarious and all.  Just wait Mariah, I’ll get you back for this!  🙂

Perhaps I have mentioned this once or twice, but I loathe people!  I was putting stuff out tonight at work, which means I had a couple rolltainers and a cart on the floor. They were in our widest aisle, and though it was there, it was positioned in a way to make the merchandise behind it accessible.  So, why the hell did people feel the need to move them?  I watched one family just shove my cart down the nearest aisle, push a rolltainer over, and knock over all sorts of crap in the process!  What the hell??  They couldn’t ask me to move it for them?  Or, god forbid, go around it??  Then, while I was putting some canned goods on the shelf, some jackass came up to me, sighed this huge obnoxious sigh, and asked if I could move so she could grab something.  I’m balancing a box of heavy ass cans with one hand while putting them on the shelf with the other, and there was exactly 4 cans left in the box.  She needed that stupid can of veggies so urgently that she couldn’t wait another 30 seconds or so for me to put those cans on the shelf?  I wanted to whack her upside the head with one of those damn cans.  And what the hell is so complicated about ringing a damn bell?  No one is at the register, there’s a bell on the counter…RING THE DAMN BELL!  Do not just stand there like a complete moron, making impatient snarky faces, letting a line start to form behind your dumbass.  If there is a bell sitting on the counter, common sense would suggest that you RING the bell for assistance!  Seriously, I hate people.

Randomosity:  I hope Tien feels better soon, my poor little buddy.  I got him some goofy little stuff to cheer him up tonight, which he seemed to find quite amusing.  Krystal promised to send me some pics of him with his goofy toy things, and I will be sure to post them on here, since it was pretty hilarious.  I think it sounds a bit, well, non-kosher, to call someone a murdering whore, then say ‘god help us all’.  I could be wrong though, maybe it’s perfectly normal to pair statements of this sort together.  I should totally get one of those spray tans.  Except, with my luck, it would make me look like the victim of some tragic Dorito accident or something.  Blow me spellcheck!  Dorito is totally a word!  And so is Tien–I added it to the damn dictionary thingy twice already!  Get it together damn it!  Did you know, if you stare at a sleeping cat long enough, he will open one eye and give you the glare of death?  Which is hilarious when it’s my cat doing the glaring, considering he’s afraid of his own shadow.  Literally.  I saw him glance over, spot his shadow, jump, puff up his fur, and back away–from his own shadow for crying out loud!  I keep thinking I should get bangs, then I remember I suck at keeping them trimmed so I get all pissy with them and find myself actually contemplating cutting them myself, which is definitely a very BAD idea.  I cut a barbie doll’s hair once.  I eventually had to cut it all off all the way to her stupid plastic head, then I used a silver marker and colored her scalp silver, then tried to convince the daycare kids that she was a new robot barbie.  Strangely, they didn’t care for robot barbie and she mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter.  I hope I can hang out with Dany some more sometime soon.  Damn, my head hurts.  I’m about ready to just take the damn stitches out myself!  I sure hope I can pick up my watch this Friday, ’cause I’m going bat-shit!  I keep looking at my wrist to check the time, only to remember that I have no watch, which results in all sorts of snarky expletives and such.  I think that if I ever had a cow, I would use cow-safe dye and dye her pink and make her spots blue and purple and green.  And I would get her a tiara and a boa and give her some diva-tastic name like Lady Millionara Moolotta and call her Milli for short.  Oh, I almost forgot!  A HUGE thank you to Krystal for saving me from the ginormously terrifying spider that tried to eat my face off at work tonight!  Seriously, I saw that little bastard lick his nasty little spider lips right before he ran right at me!  Luckily, Krystal is a bad-ass spider killing ninja, so she took him out before he could kill me.  Thanks Krystal!

Later gators!

Another Reason I’m Going To Hell, Bizarre Word Choices, And Other Blatherings


I went to watch my niece, Dany, at her latest dance performance tonight.  Needless to say, she was adorable and did a rather awesome job.  Once again, I also had the pleasure of watching other dancers before and after her group performed.  There were the usual groups that ranged from those where all the dancers know what they are doing and the groups where the majority of the dancers had absolutely no clue what they were doing.  There was this pretty awesome big group dance that included some Beetlejuice tid-bits and the thriller dance and all sorts of entertaining stuff.  One of the best parts of the whole thing was watching one little dancer, standing on the sidelines, imitating every dance/dancer she saw.  Often, these copy cat dances involved her attempting to do a move on one foot, which almost always ended with her toppling over.  Truly, she was hilarious!  And then there was the moment that I am fairly certain doomed me.  A group of ballerinas came out onto the floor.  As they filed out, someone sitting near me whispered something about never seeing such a chubby ballerina or something like that.  Now, before I explain my whole evil thought thing, I would like to point out that this was not a group of little girls, this was a group of teens.  Not that it helps, but my evil thought bit was NOT aimed at some poor 7 year old child.  This young lady looked to be at least 13 or 14.  And, also in my defense, I cannot stop my brain from thinking whatever the hell it wants to think.  So anyway, this girls is out there, being WAY braver than I could ever be, wearing this skin-tight top thingy and a tutu, and she is a large girl.  Now, I don’t mean she looked large because the outfit was horribly unflattering, which happens a lot.  She was genuinely a fluffy sort of gal.  And as I watched her trying (and failing) to do the ballet moves, my mind pops up a picture that WILL NOT GO AWAY!

That’s right, the hippo in Fantasia.  Then, appallingly, I found myself thinking, “Actually, the hippo was way more graceful than this girl.”  I know, I am a terrible person and I am totally going to hell for thinking such heinous thoughts.  If it helps any, I thought the exact same thing about myself when I caught a glimpse of myself doing that Tae-Bo workout (NEVER do stuff like that anywhere near a mirror).  Considering I ceased doing Tae-Bo the same day I saw myself, I will reiterate that this girl is way braver than I will ever be, and I totally respect her self-confidence.  It is not my fault my brain kept thinking evil thoughts.  And I totally apologize for its behavior.

While recently perusing a little handbook type thing offered by my employer, I stumbled across something downright bizarre.  They actually utilized the terminology ‘bomb-diggity’ in this thing!  Now, it’s bad enough that they blathering on about how awesome and such they are, and how generous and caring they are toward their employees, I mean, obviously we know they’re full of shit.  For god’s sake, we work for them, we know they don’t give a single shit about us.  Do they think we’re going to believe that bullshit?  But their attempt to use language they think will somehow strike us peons as cool and amusing and all that, that is just pathetic.  Besides, who the hell says bomb-diggity anymore?

Randomosity:  Once again, I had a WTH moment at work the other night.  Cuz who the hell steals $1 rubber glow in the dark toy dog poop????  Seriously?  Not only is it a frickin’ dollar, it’s toy dog shit people!  The sad thing?  I can’t even assume it was a kid, seeing as how we have adult customers that I could totally see doing this.  God I hate people.  I just don’t think I could ever punch myself in the face and give myself a black eye in order to convince folks I was bonkers.  It’s totally a bummer that I can’t wear contacts, since all the best zombie make up includes special effects contacts, so I probably couldn’t play a walker/zombie.  A true loss to the zombie entertainment world.  Every time I see one of those Bob Ross art kits for sale, especially the ones with the videos, I think ‘I could totally do that!’  Then I remember that I can’t draw a believable stick figure and that any attempt I would make at painting happy trees would end in sadness.  My head feels like my scalp is going to tear in half or something.  I can practically hear my stitches pulling every time I move my head.  I sure hope my little buddy Tien is feeling better.  I’m so glad I get to work with Krystal tomorrow (technically, today…whatever).  On one hand, I would be totally proud of Zaya if he went into the military, on the other hand, I probably smash one of his knees if necessary to keep him from ever being shot at.  Does anyone else think the ooma commercial is a tad creepy?  You know, the one with the computer oohing and such while the guy pushes buttons?  Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beeteljuice!  I think Dany liked her grandma Betty bear, I hope so anyway.  Don’t think Caron much liked the hats, but it’s okay, I made them a couple years ago and I don’t think they turned out as well as I would have liked.  Besides, lots of folks don’t want the plain sorts of hats I can make.  They’re not all spiffy or schnazzy or anything.  And a lot of folks don’t like to wear hats, since they don’t want to mess up their hair.  Not something I really worry about all that much, obviously.

Peace out girl scout!

A Season Premiere, Noggin Assault, And Gobs Of Miscellaneous Brain Barf


In case anyone missed it, the season premiere of The Walking Dead was AWESOME!  Totally exciting and intense and such.  It was almost like Christmas to see Darryl and Glenn and Michonne and Rick and Maggie and everyone else kicking ass once again.  I cannot wait til the next episode!  I must admit, I like that new Z Nation show and all, but it is no Walking Dead.  I am intrigued by the episode I am watching though.  It was on, like, a week ago, and I dvr’d it, but totally forgot to watch it until now.  Apparently it involves a tornado, kind of like a small-scale version of Sharknado, except with zombies.  Which sounds both amusing and rather bad-ass at the same time.  But still, it can never be as awesome as The Walking Dead.

So, my poor noggin has had a rough couple days.  I had the stupid cyst thingy removed Tuesday, and have been pretty much miserable since.  My head is throbbing and burny, kind of like when you forget there is a cupboard door open and you stand up and wang the top of your head against the bottom corner, which hurts like a bitch and makes you use most of the curse words you know, and some you make up while holding the top of your head and making the ‘Holy shit that hurt!’ face.  Yeah, it’s like that, except it doesn’t ever frickin’ stop.  It was WAY less traumatic this time though, the whole removal bit that is.  Last time I had to lay on my stomach with a sheet over my head and told not to move, even when blood was literally pouring down my face.  It may not sound that bad, but it freaked me the fuck out.  To be in semi-darkness, unable to move while blood runs down your face and pools on your hands (which are folded under your chin as instructed)–trust me folks, it is seriously freaky.  This time though, my nifty Dermatologist fella had me sit up and he didn’t put anything over my face and they did some cauterization thingy so there wasn’t blood soaking my face or hair!  (seriously y’all, last time I left that doctor’s office looking disturbingly like the chick in Carrie after the bucket of blood incident.  My hair was literally dripping with it and my face was completely covered!  I could have caused serious psychological damage to any children who would have seen me looking like that!)  It was uber bizarre to hear them rooting around up there, and a little bit freaky, but still way better than last time.  I honestly don’t remember if it hurt like this last time, but I don’t think it did.  Probably because this time they had to remove the scar tissue from last time as well as remove the dumb cyst thing and stitch everything up and all that.  I do so hate the fact that I have to wear a bandage thingy wrapped around my head.  Makes me feel like one of those old movie characters with the toothache wrap thingy going. 

At least I don’t have the big bow thing going on the top I guess.  But still, feels ridiculous.  And the damn thing will not stay!  Keeps slipping forward or backward and it’s driving me bat-shit!  Thank god I get to stop wearing it soon!

Randomosity:  I’m super excited to see Dany’s dance thingy this weekend!  She is so adorable!  I hope she likes the little gifts I have for her.  I must say, this Z Nation show does make me laugh an awful lot.  Especially the Doc guy–he is quite amusing.  I don’t know if I’ll order anything from again any time soon.  When I placed the order, it said my site to store order would arrive in, like, 3 days.  Now it’s saying my order will arrive by NEXT WEEK!  WTH?  And one of my order things was just photo prints, for crying in the sink!  It’s not that I actually mind waiting a week or whatever, it’s just that they gave one time line during order process, then completely disregarded it once I had placed my order.  Just be honest, for fuck’s sake! Why do people just stand and stare for so long when things go to shit?  They stand there, wasting precious escape time, just gawking at the impending disaster.  I like the KFC commercial with all the different sorts of folks passing around a bucket of KFC and that great old hippie tune about smiling on your brother and loving one another is playing.  It’s hokey, but it’s sweet.  Oh, and the Geiko commercial with the football player celebrating the fact that it’s his turn at the meat counter and he’s going to get some cold cuts–makes me giggle every time.  I won’t get to visit my niece this month after all.  But I will still Skype with her every week, and that will just have to be good enough for now.  I miss my girls though.  Does anyone else find it disturbing, and a bit trashy, that 99% of Halloween costumes available for females are slutty?  When did this become the thing to do?  I, for one, do not want my ass hanging out of some ridiculously short skirt.  Trust me, no one wants to see that.  Besides, it’s October–it’s too fucking cold to be prancing around with barely any material covering me!  What is wrong with everybody?  Why on earth do all these females think it’s sexy to dress like costumed strippers/hookers?  I’ll pass, thanks.  I’m glad that my little buddy, Tien, appears to dig his birthday presents.  He’s five now, and he will happily tell anyone who will listen.  He cracks me up.  Damn my head hurts.  Never fear though, I will survive, lol.  I think, if I have enough money this week, I will ask if Caron and Dany want to grab dinner somewhere after the dance thing.  I really need a hair cut.  And I really really want to get it dyed again soon.  I hope the kitten that came to visit us on the porch tonight finds his way home.  I totally wanted to bring him inside and spoil him and keep him safe until we could find his owners.  Unfortunately, not only would my cat not dig this idea, my allergies didn’t think it was a great idea either.  I am such a bleeding heart.  It killed me to leave the little guy out there, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t a tiny kitten, more along the adolescent kitten lines, or the fact that he has obviously not been missing any meals lately and is rather healthy looking actually.  Still about made me cry.  I think it’s hilarious when you see dudes drinking those silly-looking little coffees in the tiny cups with all the fancy foam and such.  Actually, I think most folks look rather silly drinking those.  My three favorite lines currently: “Knock knock motherfucker” (the Bloggess is my hero), “Bazinga” (I know it’s an older one, but Sheldon’s still amusing as hell), and “We’re friends of the chick with the sword and the kid with the hat” (just cuz it was kind of awesome).

Asta la pasta!