Completely Pointless Drivel. Seriously, I Have Nothing Even Remotely Worthy Of Your Attention. Really.


I am fairly certain that this post will be nothing but one big rambling monstrosity of randomosity.  I feel it only fair to just go ahead and admit that right up front. So, if you choose to continue reading this and find yourself less than impressed with my pointless blatherings, don’t blame me.  You were totally warned.

Randomosity:  I have to say that my favorite Ghost Hunters episodes were those they did at the Stanley Hotel.  To be honest, I thought it was just plain bad-ass, but I am just too hard-wired for, you know, not dying in some idiotic horror movie type of way.  Like when they hear a voice call out to them in the underground thingy, they went to try and find the source.  Not me.  No way in hell.  I would be gone faster than the cake at a fat kid’s birthday party.  This Z Nation show is alright, but not great.  Does have some pretty darn amusing moments here and there though.  I mean intentionally amusing, not so-bad-it’s-amusing.  I really wish I was just chillin at home tomorrow (or today or whatever…aw hell, Wednesday, damn it.)  I am not really too excited about going to my doc appointments or going through my stuff at Rae’s.  It will be nice to see Rae, but the rest of it just doesn’t sound all that fun or relaxing.  And I’m totally bummed that I have to go to an appointment on Thursday.  I’ll have to put on real clothes long enough to go to the appointment, which means I do not get to stay in my jammies all day.  Unless, of course, I went to my appointment in my jammies, but I really don’t usually go anywhere public-ish in my jammies.  Sorely tempting though.  And my fuzzy owl jammie pants are hella cute.  I wish I could get away with wearing hats of the non-baseball cap variety.  Ewewewewew!  The whack-nuts in this show are totally doing survival Dahmer style.  Only they’re keeping their ‘food’ alive throughout the whole slice and dice routine.  Very icky.  Sadly easy to guess though.  I figured it out quite awhile before they actually ‘revealed’ it.  Hate when that happens.  I find it annoying that I have to wait for my hair to be almost completely dry before I go to sleep, since it just gets insanely frizzy and stupid and such if I sleep on it when it’s still wet.  Oh, and I am far less than thrilled that I also have to get up early for my doc appointments.  Just sayin’.  I hope I can figure out for sure when I will be able to go visit the family.  I was going to go Halloween weekend, but if I go then, I won’t get to see Elise.  There are only, like, 2 weekends that I would be able to go and have Elise be there.  And both of those weekends are already requested off by a co-worker (who is taking off THREE weekends in the next two months and making it extremely difficult for me to get ONE weekend off.  I must admit, I find this more than a bit unfair, and rather shitty.)  I will be exceedingly pissed if I have to miss my chance to see my nieces because someone else is inconsiderate and makes numerous plans that apparently require an entire weekend off work repeatedly, all while pointing out how rarely they ask for time off.  But anyway, I think my boss is going to try to make it work for me to get one of the weekends off, which I hate to do because it leaves them in something of a pinch.  But I really, really, really, really, really want to see my girls, since I won’t get another chance until spring or summer, if I’m lucky.  The potato ship douche-bag guy was in the store yesterday, and I totally didn’t snark at him or make faces when he wasn’t looking!  Go me, right?  Oh, and we had a thief in yesterday too.  The little worm has balls, I’ll give him that.  He stole a handful of stuff in the short amount of time I lost sight of him, then calmly walked up to the counter with the stuff hidden under his clothing, bought one thing, then sauntered out the door.  But I guarantee it will be the last time he does this on my watch if I have anything to say about it.  He’s officially banned and I cannot wait to inform the vile little worm that he is no longer allowed in the store.  What a jackass.  I totally wish we could publicly cane the little bastard.  Or make him walk around town wearing a sign declaring himself a thieving wormy little bastard or something.  I really dislike people.  I hope the note my doc wrote today is what the food stamp people want.  The whole situation  with them and my work hours and all that is just beyond aggravating.  I suppose I should try to get to sleep early-ish since I have to get up pretty early.  Well, early for me anyway.  Night all!


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