That’s It, I’m Changing My Job Title To Underwear Repackager! And Other Crap That Irks Me


In case you have forgotten, or you haven’t read my prior rants against humanity, I HATE PEOPLE!  Why the hell would someone steal foot arch pad thingies??  Why would someone open a package of those wax scent things and break them up in order to steal one (ONE!) scent cube?  Why do people have to tear open packages of underwear that have a nice, open front panel thing so you can feel the fabric and a very clear picture of the fit/cut?  And once they are torn open, why throw the underwear on the floor?  Why do you have to take the damn things out of the package anyway?  If you took, like, 5 seconds to actually look at the fricking package, you would see that there are usually ways to open them without actually destroying the packaging!  I am so sick of putting underwear back into the packaging!  For the love of all that is holy, if you see someone do this, slap the dog snot out of their dumb ass!  Oh, and if you see someone showing handfuls of random crap on a random shelf because they are too lazy to put it back where they got it and too stupid to give it to the cashier, smack them too.  Thanks.

The season finale of The Strain was good and all, but what the hell is up with the idea of leaving us hanging for who knows how long??  Geesh FX, first you lie about the season finale date, then you leave us hanging.  Scumbags.

WALKING DEAD week has arrived (sorta)!!!!  I mean, technically, the new season starts Sunday, which means it actually starts next week.  But it’s less then 5 days away so it totally counts in my book.  And who cares!  My show’s coming back on!!  Darryl and Rick and Maggie and Glenn and Michonne and zombies and Terminus and awesomeness galore!  I am beyond dorked out ecstatic!  I am watching some of my fave episodes between now and then, just to build up the whoot whoot mood!

Randomosity:  I totally bought bacon Ritz crackers tonight.  I don’t know if they’ll be any good, but what the hell, right?  There was a big old spider hanging in and around the office at work tonight.  I admit it, I screeched and yelped and carried on like a sissy school girl.  But it kept running at me!  I think the season 4 finale was the best episode of all, even better than the episode with the Governor and Hershel.  I need more Halloween socks.  Crazy cheese is such a great terminology.  Sweet fuzzy ducks I’m tired.  And I have the munchies.  Suppose this as good a time as any to give my new crackers a try.

Toodle-oos magoos! (I have no idea where that one came from!  But it amuses me, so it works.)


3 thoughts on “That’s It, I’m Changing My Job Title To Underwear Repackager! And Other Crap That Irks Me

  1. longchaps2

    Not to get too technical, but if in theory we wanted to ‘slap the dog snot’ out of someone, how exactly would we go about doing that? Is there a point in which we know it’s dog snot coming out? lol. Walking Dead Season opening was AWESOME! Was hanging on the end of my seat. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Toodle-oos Magoos.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, perhaps you could declare yourself successful at slapping the dog snot outta someone when they start howling and whining and such, which puts them in a rather canine-ish category. Sorta sounds like a legit clarification, right? LOL
      And the season premiere was ah-mazing! I was so psyched to see it, and it did not disappoint! I was all hollering at the Termites (I think I may have even threatened the baseball bat wielding head bashing Termite when he stepped up behind Glenn) and cheering on the group. Cannot wait for the next episode!

      Liked by 1 person

      • longchaps2

        Okay, that narrows it down a bit, lol. I think I can handle that. Yeah, I was hanging on to Butler’s arm through the whole head chopping thing. Holy Moly! They definitely started with a whack and a bang, lol. Bring on episode TWO. Whoop, whoop.

        Liked by 1 person

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